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    The Infrno Online Roleplaying Event Schedule For 2015~!

    Buckle up gang, we have a lot to cover. First off, 2014 was the lightest event schedule in recent times, and we will be remedying that this year. We will have a bunch of community events, with special events to be anounced as they happen. 2015 will also see the...

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    Session 7 Journal Entry

    Hello readers, Another brief update. Thanks so much for continuing to check this out. I survived (literally and metaphorically) speaking another semester! It’s been full of challenges and not just the academic kinds. Things between me and my girl are going well. She’s something special, let me tell you. My...

    The Long Hard Road Out of Hell

      Two weeks have passed since you left Redemption Rail behind you.  During the day, the Iron Gem crawls along the arid and empty wasteland. The sky is steel blue and the earth is white and cracked just like your lips in the dry air. All you can find out...

    Session 2 Journal Entry

    More About Day 64 of “Freedom” Finally a chance to sit down and put some of what’s going on in my head on paper. It helps a bit since there’s no one—not even Reno—I can talk to about all of this. I feel so alone. Sometimes when things are really...

    Tayna's Social Media (Session 1)

    Facebook: Tayna Garrett - 1 second ago OMG! Server went down at the worst possible time! fml Like Comment Share Alteratio Forums: Costumer Service - Bug Reports - Topic: Weird Glitch in Newb Dungeon So, my group was running one of the newb dungeons. Y'know, the one right ouside of the...

    Session Twenty: Lost in the Woods

    The 1st Aerial Assault regiment holds out on a farmstead amidst the outlying areas surrounding the heart of Vasilikos, capital of Warzone Epsilon. Colonel Veers and his command squad come to give them a briefing on a new mission. The plan is to try and drop airborne troops over the...

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    Seeking A Game To Play / Looking to start an Apocalypse World game

  • Premium label
  • one hour ago
  • 32 Posts
  • Sadly that will not work for me. :( 

    Seeking A Game To Play / Looking to start an Apocalypse World game

  • 12 hours ago
  • 7 Posts
  • Sorry for going dark there. I do still want to start this game, but it's looking like my Thursday commitments are not movable. Next attempt: Sunday evenings, eastern time?

    Seeking Players For A Game / Deadlands - The Flood Weird Western

  • 20 hours ago
  • 63 Posts
  • So far, Wednesdays will not work so we are looking at Monday or Tuesday.   Hit me up on Skype if interested at underableedingsun.

    Seeking A Game To Play / Treasure Coast Dungeons and Dragons (Stuart, FL)

  • Jan 23, 2015
  • 1 Post
  • Are you a DM in the Port Saint Lucie/Fort Pierce/Stuart area? Are you an experienced DnD player that would like to take the step up and be a DM? Are you an experienced DnD player that is willing to teach a bunch of noobs how to play? If so, this...

    Seeking A Game To Play / [Online][D&D 3.5][CST] 2 Players LFG Evenings (Not Wednesday or Thursday))

  • Jan 22, 2015
  • 1 Post
  • I and a friend are looking to join a new campaign using 3.5 rules, I would like to be an Artificer (Eberron Campaign Setting) and my friend is thinking Druid. I am mostly available via skype but can use any other VOIP software as long as it is free, and...