The Infrno Online Roleplaying Event Schedule For 2015~!

Buckle up gang, we have a lot to cover. First off, 2014 was the lightest event schedule in recent times, and we will be remedying that this year. We will have a bunch of community events, with special events to be anounced as they happen. 2015 will also see the...

Mighty Mighty Superheroes is open for player registration, 0 seats left!

Mighty Mighty Superheroes is open for GMs to register games!

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Let's just face it. We're all going to see Avenger's: Age of Ultron. It's not like we even have a choice anymore. If Marvel released a movie about Paste Pot Pete, we'd all be compelled to go see it, and it would be awesome. Plus it would probably star Joaquin Phoenix, but anyway.... It's May, Avengers just came out, "LET'S BE SUPERHEROES!" Want to be dark gritty heroes, or four colour? Maybe you want to finally make that 'Rob Liefield RPG game' adventure where heroes' power is based on how many pouches and belts they are wearing. Maybe you want to do a game based on the 1980's classic indie comics, 'Nexus' or "Badger". Or, maybe, you just want to be the Avengers! This is the time to put on your spandex and play out those fantasies. Just don't ask Rorschach what he thinks about it. He'll just say, "Hurm.."


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Trouble on Omega

  • Mass Effect
  • 23 hours ago
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  • The surgery is successful. Linnias is now Octasia, so the Council will stop hunting her to extract the Leviathan technology from her body. Her transformation strengthens her resolve to take down the Leviathan thrall network throughout the galaxy. On Omega, ALICE and Petra meet with Aria. Aria doesn't recognize ALICE...

    Sam's Stupid Therapy Journal 1

  • Sam Harris
  • 23 hours ago
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  • Sam's Stupid Journal: PRIVATE! KEEP OUT YOU MOTHER- redacted   Seriously Butt Out!!!!! THIS MEANS YOU JOE!                                         07/01/15 So Joe....sorry, "Dad" thinks that this stupid journal will help me "Let...

    Session 2 Recap

    After Lora leaves for her shift on watch, Red goes to visit Exit. She sees Beloved and Rosie inside Isle’s home with their heads bent together over something they’re both looking at. Exit is working on costume design for an upcoming production. Red finally brings up the incident at Redrum....

    Love and Nightmares (Session 24)

  • Jun 29, 2015
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  • Prometheus and Kora have moments to react before the Hydra attacks. Prometheus deduces that the Hydra is attracted to movement. His creation, Xi, was recently outfitted with experimental speed boosting implants. Prometheus sends her dashing across the lab. The Hydra follows her into a large vault. Unfortunately, Xi crashes and...

    Notes at The End of a Day (Session 1 & 2)

      Late at night, Ty is in his little room at the back of the infirmary. From a hidden corner, he pulls out a box labeled “Other” and places it upon his desk. He pulls out a couple of makeshift journals created from different scraps of recovered paper and sets...

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    Seeking A Game To Play / Looking to play Monsterhearts

  • May 20, 2015
  • 2 Posts
  • Running a game as a oneshot on Friday 22nd of May on Roll20 and Google Hangouts at 8pm WEST or GMT +! as it's also known. This translates to: 3pm EST   Check out this link: and leave a comment in the topic and I will invite you to the...

    Seeking Players For A Game / Monsterhearts One-Shot Friday at 8pm(WEST/ GMT+1)

  • May 20, 2015
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  • Running this as a Oneshot/Potential Series Welcome all to the World of Monsterhearts, where we balance High School Drama, with monstrous results. Play as teenagers with a twist. Dealing with not only the drama of highschool but also the fact that they/their friends are monsters. Balancing Homework, Relationships, Prom, Drama,...

    Seeking A Game To Play / Looking to play Monsterhearts

  • May 05, 2015
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  • Hi, all! I'm new here on Infrno and looking to join a game of Monsterhearts! I've never played before, but I'm fairly familiar through reading the rulebook and listening to actual plays. General RP experience-wise, I play in a weekly Pathfinder campaign and have played more improv-oriented games like Fiasco...

    General / The Chat Room

  • May 01, 2015
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  • Also, you can find an Infrno community on G+ that is pretty quiet but if you post there, I'll see it sooner than I would on this forum.  Introduce yourself there!