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Episode XXIX: The Aftermath

  • one minute ago
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  •  Crasher Squad has left the planet Lan Barell for an operation on a desolate sand planet far on the outer rim. There they discovered a nearly broken C.I.S. facility, shortly thereafter the team has captured 'Grand General' Flaggon & Vance Harth post exploring a former CIS facility ran by the...

    Episode XVIII - All or Nothing

    Kentas, Var'ath, and Tyren descend deeper beneath the Ace of Sabres resort and are met by a thin Twi'lek in a cybernetic collar - Belg'ath Dyun. The Dyun siblings father looks wasted away and speaks through the collar with a modulated voice, explaining that he serves the true master of...


  • Night Moves
  • one day ago
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  •   All in all, Ludwig Rinehart could not have found better accomodations in the City even if he had tried.   He'd first come upon the place while briefly employed by a lunatic styling herself as Nemesis, the Greek goddess of vengenace.  He'd known there were abandoned underground railways and...

    The Eyes of the World are Upon You

    You recieved this message via a nug with Lady Nightingale's crow marking on it's collar. You discovered the missive in its stool when the Nug found you and promptly pooped in front of your tent. Dear Acolyte Kurovak, You two will take your promotion and like it. You and Nazelen...

    The coded reply to Lady Nightingale

  • Duri
  • Nov 24, 2015
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  •   The Seeker is right.  Not only have we allied ourselves, temporarily, with intelligent darkspawn, we have allied ourselves, temporarily, with far worse.  Their leader, called The Broken One, is a contemporary of Corypheus - a Tevinter magister.  One who was part of the mission to enter the golden city. ...

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    Seeking A Game To Play / Apocalypse World oneshot?

  • Nov 04, 2015
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  • Alright. I'll stick around in case new games pop up. Let me know if an evening opens up after the 15th. 

    Seeking A Game To Play / Apocalypse World oneshot?

  • Premium label
  • Nov 03, 2015
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  • You're right, I wouldn't advise solo play. It looks like this won't be happening before the 14-15th, and I can't lock in a date until after that playtest. I'm going to pull back my offer of running a one shot as it seems I done this game to death with...

    Seeking A Game To Play / Apocalypse World oneshot?

  • Nov 02, 2015
  • 10 Posts
  • Okay. Well. We could postpone or push forward with the oneshot without you and I could run a separate IRC game for you some afternoon, maybe.   Edit: that is, not a solo oneshot - AW is rubbish one-on-one. But I assume there are regulars who would be available some...

    Seeking A Game To Play / Apocalypse World oneshot?

  • Nov 01, 2015
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  • Don't know that I can do a weeknight - 7-11 for you is until 2AM for me, and I don't function well on less than five hours of sleep. A Friday might work, but I'm taking the SAT on Saturday and I'd rather not take the risk of sacrificing my...

    Seeking A Game To Play / Apocalypse World oneshot?

  • Nov 01, 2015
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  • Okay. Well, weeknights actually work quite well for me, but we'll see what Eli's schedule is like.