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  • Oct 01, 2014
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  • Envolve pulled the plug, right on schedule. I've looked at a few replacements, and we're going with ChatCat for now. They're a brand new outfit, with lots of rough edges. For example, I can't test on staging, because their system can't handle hostnames properly. So I'm going to deploy this...

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    Session 14 Journal Entry

    Mother, Another letter so that you will know the truth about my fate should I not be in a position to explain things for whatever reason. To start, I’m all settled in to my new accommodations; it helped that I didn’t have much to move. I am surprised that they...

    Intro - The Invitation

    Kicking back in the game room at the mansion, the heroes Fenris, Crucible, and Sabanion are in the midst of a ping-pong tournament with their host Frenchie when a package arrives from FedEx.  The return address says Stark Industries.  Frenchie takes the package for a safety scan and brings it...

    We did it for the empanadas (Sessions 1 & 2)

    (The following message is on Rey's smartphone, linked to an icon labeled "For Dilani in case of emergency") Dear Dilani, If you are reading this then I am either dead, or my humanity has decayed past all hope of recovery. I am leaving this record because I think a dangerous...

    Fire and Soul (Journal 3)

      Well Myshella, it seems that every time I try and put a fire out in Redemption, two more flare up.  Still, treasures can be found beneath the dirt and grime, the hot coals and wreckage. The Shady Lady's birthday was a good time. I had the honor of working...

    Session 2 Recap

    Thursday evening continues as Olivia joins Lorelei outside the warehouse where Jason and Carissa are still valiantly fighting off whatever it was that had dragged them inside. The door cannot be opened by force.  Being aware of the magical protections at work on the site, Olivia calls her Aunt Beth...

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    Campaign Ideas & Discussions / W20 or Pathfinder Pirates

  • 16 hours ago
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  • i wouldnt mine W20 if you get more people

    Seeking A Game To Play / Looking for a oWod VtM Game

  • 21 hours ago
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  • Will play not run. 

    Seeking A Game To Play / I WANT TO PLAY 5TH EDITION D&D

  • one day ago
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  • I am addicted to 5th edition and I want to play. Looking for any campaign to join, preferably a published adventure and more preferably something adventure league oriented.

    Seeking Players For A Game / Justice League Beta: Strange New Worlds (Need 1 new player)

  • Oct 17, 2014
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  • Love Superhero gaming. And yes character is more impotant than powers. 

    Seeking Players For A Game / Looking for players for my 4e campaign

  • Oct 17, 2014
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  • Is that for D&D 4E? If yes, can you give us the Info of World Settings and what is the story behind your campaign? So, I will try to get an idea of what kind of character should I create.