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Elias Vargas, The Aware

Name: Elias Vargas Look: Male           Hispanic/Latino           Everyday Clothing   Demeanor: Paranoid   Stats Blood -1 Heart 1 Mind 2 Spirit 0   Factions Mortality 1 Night 0 Power 1 Wild 0   Intro Who are you? "I'm Elias Vargas, a second-generatio immigrant and med student. Basically a normal guy. At...

Stanwyck Gilles

Name: Stanwyck Gilles Class: Mage (Level 9) Race: Human Background: Circle Mage   Abilities  Communication 2 Focus: Etiquette, Persuasion   Constitution 2 Focus: Stamina   Cunning 3 Focus: Arcane Lore, Healing   Dexterity 1   Magic 5 Focus: Creation Magic, Spirit Magic   Perception 3   Focus: Seeing   Strength 1   Willpower 3 Focus: Self-Discipline   Defense 11 Armor 0 Speed   11 Charge 5 Run 5...


Career Path Void Master   Homeworld Void-Born Effects Characteristic Modifier ~ -5 Strength, +5 Willpower (Already applied) Starting Skills ~ Additional Speak Language (High Gothic) Charmed ~ When spending a Fate Point roll 1d10. On a 9, Fate Point remains unspent Ill-Omened ~ -5 Fellowship when interacting with all Non-Void Born Humans Shipwise ~ Navigation (Steller) and Pilot (Spacecraft) become...

Cadera the Half-Breed Cleric

Tough orc female 00
One Unique Theme:Daughter of a great Warlod and follower of the Crusader, she rebelled against her family and has taken up the cause of the Goddess of Justice. Cleric pg 94 Str 16 +3 Dex 10 Con 14 +2 Int 10 Wis 15 +2 Cha 14 +2 HP 27 Heavy Armor AC 16 PD17 MD 17 Melee Claymore +4 1d10+3...


  • Player: Stuewe
  • Zelena

    Druid cropped
    Zelena the Druid.  Nature spirit made human.  Shifter 2 / Terrain Caster 1High Druid:  Positive 2Diabolist:  Negative 1 Starting gold - If the coins and oddments you’ve collected may or may not be valuable, start with 1d6 x 10 gp.  

    Anemone Ray, the Fae

    NAMEAnemone Ray LOOK ambiguous, Afro-Latina, revealing/colorful clothing DEMEANOR eccentric CHARACTER STATS Blood -1 Heart 2 Mind 0 Spirit 1 STARTING FACTIONS (add one) Mortality 0 Night -1 Power 1 Wild 1 GEAR a studio apartment on the Lower East Side a traditional red oak longbow given to her after her coming-of-age ceremony in the autumn court; too small to use...

    Syric Grogdan

  • Player: Andrew R
  • 13th Age
  • http://www.toolkit13.com/characters/thelazyblank/syric-grogdan

    Caine Smith

    Predatory.  Pained Eyes.  Many Ages Olde.  2 Hot, 1 Cold, -1 Volatile, -1 Dark.  Hypnotic, The Feeding      True Form

    Aloysius Turin

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    Player: Alexis Royce
  •   Aloysius is a Genius obsessed with coffee. He has put his blood, sweat, tears, and quite literally everything else into this dream. Having cultivated a mania-dependent seedling, he decided that the only surefire way to constantly monitor its growth was to repot it. Inside his own body. It saps nourishment and water from his bloodstream, and in return, provides him...

    Var’ath Dyun

    Characteristics: Brawn 1, Agility 3, Intellect 2, Cunning 4, Willpower 2, Presence 3 Soak: 1 (2 with armour) Wound Threshold: 14 Strain Threshold: 18 Defense: 1/1 Skills:  Athletics 2 (1P/1A) Charm 2 (2P/1A) Computers 3 (2P/1A) Cool 2 (2P/1A) Coordination 2 (2P/1A) Deception 3 (3P/1A) Gunnery 1 (1P/2A) Knowledge: Underworld 2 (2P) Mechanics 2 (2P) Melee 2 (1P/1A) Negotiation 2 (2P/1A)...

    Callista Summers, the Queen

    Name: Callista Summers Skin: The Queen Look: Stunning, with brooding eyes Origin: Most Popular Kid in School   Hot: 2 Cold: 1 Volatile: -1 Dark: -1   Moves: The Clique: You're the head of the toughest, coolest, most powerful clique around. They count as a gang. Strength: They're talented. (In a band) The Shield: When you're surrounded by your gang, subtract 1...

    Alexander Merrick

    Skin: The Ghost Look: Meek, hollow eyes Origin: A confused death Stats: Hot -1, Cold +2, Volatile -1, Dark +1 Moves: Unresolved Trauma: Whenever you project the blame and trauma of your death onto your current situation, roll with dark. On a 10 up, give two people the blamed condition. On a 7-9, give up to two people the blamed...

    Isawa Kenichi

    About Isawa KenichiHow would others describe your character's appearance?The red and yellow robes of the Phoenix hang heavily on his slight frame, the Isawa family mon rests over his heart with the element of void emphasized denoting him as ishi. His long free-flowing hair frames his still youthful round face which at rest looks peaceful and serene. His eyes possess...

    Shiloh Moonjava

    Character idea shiloh moonjava
      Name:  Shiloh Moonjava Look: Muscular but lean with a sweet face & sparkling blue eyes. Origin: Walked out of the forest Hot -1 Cold -1 Volatile +1 Dark +2   Conditions: XP: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Advances: HARM: { } { } { } { } Strings: 1.       You've been a wallflower all...