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Tarra Armstrong

The youngest child of the Armstrong family. she is a year younger than her older brother and sister who are twins. She prefers to fight upclose and personal and is a little reckless and over excitable in combat. her natural agility serves her well in her reckless fighting style.

Amber Armstrong

Freyja vanden broucke
Amber is a mage and also works as a wilderness guide. she prefers to travel along ley lines so her mystical perceptions can alert her to things along its length as well as providing her with enhanced combat abilities. this has a side effect of making trips more eventfull. she is cpable of navigating without a ley line or even...

Jessica Kuragi "Jess or Doc"

Jess or doc as she is sometimes called is a doctor. when people get hurt or sick she fixes them up. asside from fixing up injured or sick people she likes to annalise bio data, and catolog discovered animals and species. she is not the only medical person in town and is actualy the least experiened of the three the...

Rifts house rules

  Rifts house rules For my game the following rules will be in effect: MDC and SDC 1.                 MDC and SDC damage are equivalent but have special rules applied to them to make MDC superior. 2.                 All SDC weapons will inflict +1 damage per die of listed damage this is applied before multipliers. 3.                 All full environmental MDC armor has...

Rax Veir

Race: Human Career: Soldier Specializations: Commando, Infiltrator Duty: Combat Victory 0 Group Duty: 5 Contribution Rank: 2 Motivation: Glory Homeworld: Brentaal IV Wound Threshold 15 Strain Threshold 14 Soak 3/6 Current XP: 2 XP Total XP: 362 XP   Characteristics:  Brawn 3 Agility 3 Intellect 2 Cunning 3 Will 3 Presence 2   Skills: Athletics 2 Brawl 2 Coercion 1*...


  • Player: Kyrros
  • Two-BeeOne holds the belief that sufficiently advanced droids are as equal or even more capable of sentience than organics are. To be inorganic and sentient but possesed as property is equivalent to organic slavery.   Two-BeeOne regards his fellow droids as potential sentients but knows that some will not exceed the sum of their programming. 

    Aiden O’Connor "Rebound"

  • Player: Steve Moore
  • Values Duty, I have gifts that I must use for good - d8 Glory, Don’t make waves - d6 Love, Loved by many, but no one to love - d4 Power, My friends and I can do anything - d8 Community, I get along with everyone - d8 Ethics, I was raised to do the right thing...usually - d8 Relationships...

    Princess Noriko Oshiro

    Concept: Crown Princess of deposed royal family. Hiding in oasis. Appearance: Fairskinned, Darkhaired, Ambereyed. Regal. Elaborate hairdo.  Manner of Speech: Formal. Overly polite. Issues: freedom and self identity, desires, versus expectations and responsibilities. Doubt and self esteem. Also Repressed anger Impulses: childish. Impulsive. fight or flight. Edge: Crown Princess: well educated, socially and politically adept, well traveled, charismatic leader, inscrutable...

    Sam Harris

    Hot: 2 Cold: -1 Volatile: 1 Dark: -1   Uncontainable Howl at the Moon


    New girl. Who is she? What is she? Hot: 2 Cold: 0 Volatile: -1 Dark: 1

    Yearning, The Solace

    Name: Yearning Look: Ambiguous Gender          Casual Wear          Lovely Face          Piercing Eyes          Small Body         Stats: Cool 0, Hard-1, Hot+2, Sharp+1, Weird+1 Moves ·         Disarming presence: when you want to disarm a charged situation, start speaking or singing and roll+hot. On a hit, no one...


    Fenris 4
    FENRIS (Axl Achachak Christensen) Created By: Magnus First Appearance: Redemption- Revolution by Evolution (July 2013) Role: Animal Guy, Defender of Nature, Occult Slayer Group Affiliations: The Roughnecks, S.H.I.E.L.D. PL 10 (165) STRENGTH 6 STAMINA 7 AGILITY 7 FIGHTING 2 DEXTERITY 0 INTELLIGENCE 4 AWARENESS 2 PRESENCE 0   Skills: Close Combat (Claws) 8 (+10) Expertise (Science) 5 (+9) Expertise (Occult/Supernatural)...

    Jacob Washington, aka "Frank"

    Agent Name: "Frank" Real Name: Jacob Washington Background: Bang-and-Burner Previous Patron: United States Army, NYPD Drive: Altruism MOS: Explosive Devices Sources of Stability Symbol: Rosary passed down through the family for generations Solace: Mona Walker, on-again, off-again girlfriend (currently on) since high school Safety: the apartment of Ethan Washington, his younger brother   Investigative Abilities Academic   Accounting 1 Archaeology...