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Harvey Duncan Allen

HARVEY DUNCAN ALLEN, Age 35, Ambulance Chaser STR 12CON 10SIZ 10INT 16POW 18 DEX9 APP15 EDU18 SAN90 HP10 Damage Bonus: +0 Weapons: -none- Armor: none Skills: Accounting 40%, Bargain 35%, Climb 45%, Conceal 35%, Credit Rating 35%, Debate 60%, Dodge 25%, Drive Automobile 35%, Drive Horses 30%, Jump 75%, Law 45%, Natural History 35%, Oratory 45%, Rifle 75%, Sneak 20%,...


  Name: Cipher Alias: Seth Ramos Rank: Novice XP: 5   Attributes Agility D8 Smarts D8 Spirits D8 Strength D8 Vigor D8   Skills Fighting D8 Intimidation D6 Investigation D8 Lockpicking D6 Notice D8 Persuasion D6 Shooting D10 Stealth D8 Streetwise D8   Pace 6 Parry 6 Toughness 6 Charisma 0 Money 0 Bennies 3   Hindrances Cautious (m) Enemy:...

Dee, the Dragon

Dee - 320x290
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    Player: June Garcia
  • Blood        -1Heart         0Mind         2Spirit         1Mortality     0Night         0Power        1Wild         2Ancient Appetites: When you come to learn of the existence of an object you desire, roll with Mind. On a 10+, ask 3. On a 7–9, ask 2:+ Who possesses it right now?+ Who can best help me...

    Shiba Toshiro

    Toshiro discovered he was destined to be a Shiba yojimbo when he found his grandfathers daisho set hidden in his parents home. The spirit of his grandfather lingered within the swords after a disgraceful seppuku and it instructed him to seek out training. Having no previous knowledge of his heritage or prior samurai training Toshiro struggled until he met another...

    Rey Morales

    Rey (Reynaldo) Morales Male Latino (White), trendy clothingToned body, brooding eyes, rough handsVolatile demeanor Blood 2 Heart 1 Mind -1 Spirit 0 Factions TBD GEAR: A house or apartment, a car, a smart phone.Two-handed Sword (3-harm hand messy) MOVES: * The Devil Inside: When you assume your demon form, roll with Blood. On a 10+, choose 2. On a 7-9,...

    Jianni Greenleaf

    A wood elf that found his true calling while ripping off travelers in the woods. HE chose to live amongst the common people in the largest cities instead of the limited life of a wood elf in the forest, which has earned him the ire of his own people. He has pubically expressed support of the Prince of Shadows, an...

    Kara Solaris

    Born into priviledge on the Mid Rim planet of Naboo, Kara grew up in the high courts as well as at dig sites beside her father. The two shared a passion for history and culture that was sadly missing from the rest of the Solaris family, who were 'too good' to dig in the dirt. While it wasn't a surprise,...

    C. Blackburn

  • Player: Tricia Bayfield
  • It would be easy to say C. Blackburn is a lawyer and leave it at that. She would probably prefer it that way.

    Enkara/Irenic/Bob Wilson

  • Player: Craig Bayfield
  • Enkara means Weapon and it was an apt description. He was one of the eldest angels created by the God Machine and was well respected among the ranks. He had lead the genocides of many different cultures through history. With his team he had been the guiding hand which ushers human progression and halted it when the Machine required. He...

    Carmen Mazur, The Wolf

    Name: Carmen Look: Female            Mixed            Dark Clothing Demeanor: Aggressive Stats: Blood 1, Heart 0, Mind 0, Spirit 1 Factions: Mortality 0, Night 1, Power 0, Wild 1 Gear: A duffel bag with your personal belongings            a shitty cellphone           9mm Beretta (2-harm close loud)           Switchblade (2-harm hand concealable) Wolf Corruption When you begin a hunt for...


  • Player: Amy Mist
  • Laila LamechSkin: VampireOrigin: Old by human temsLook: Aloof, hungry eyesHot: 1Cold: 1Volatile: -1Dark: -1Darkest Self:Everyone is your pawn, your plaything.You hurt them and make them vulnerable, for sport, like a cat does with a mouse. You feed to the point of death whenever you’re alone with someone, though you take your time. You escape your Darkest Self when you’re put...

    Diana Kolak

     Diana Kolak (Amy)Skin WerewolfOrigin: Ancestral powerLook: Primal, fierce eyesHot: 1Cold: -1Volatile: 2Dark: -1Darkest Self:You've been wronged,and turn into a largewolf-creature until eitherthe sun rises or youhave gotten revenge on someonewho's wronged you.Moves:Bare Your FangsUnstableSpirit Armor


  • Player: Garan Madeiros
  • Spell Focus Your magical abilities are centered on a particular kind of magic, an aspect of the metaphysical world from which you draw power - a Focus. “Aligned” spells are those you can cast naturally as part of your focus. When you weave a spell that is neither Aligned nor Opposed to your Focus, take -1 to the roll. You...


  • Player: Amy Mist
  • Skin: Fae

    Julie Sue

  • Player: Amy Mist
  • Skin: Infernal Look: Anxious, flickering eyes

    Lorelei Romero

    Lorelei romero_marta blizcharz
    Who are you?Who the hell are you? Oh. Lorelei Romero. How long have been in the city?4 years. It’s taken some time and as a minimal amount of compromises as I can manage, but I’m here. My own space my little corner of the world and overall - it’s working.What is the best part of the change?The rush it hurts...


  • Player: Kyrros
  • Two-BeeOne holds the belief that sufficiently advanced droids are as equal or even more capable of sentience than organics are. To be inorganic and sentient but possesed as property is equivalent to organic slavery.   Two-BeeOne regards his fellow droids as potential sentients but knows that some will not exceed the sum of their programming.