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Aiden O’Connor "Rebound"

  • Player: Steve Moore
  • Values Duty, I have gifts that I must use for good - d8 Glory, Don’t make waves - d6 Love, Loved by many, but no one to love - d4 Power, My friends and I can do anything - d8 Community, I get along with everyone - d8 Ethics, I was raised to do the right thing...usually - d8 Relationships...

    Princess Noriko Oshiro

    Concept: Crown Princess of deposed royal family. Hiding in oasis. Appearance: Fairskinned, Darkhaired, Ambereyed. Regal. Elaborate hairdo.  Manner of Speech: Formal. Overly polite. Issues: freedom and self identity, desires, versus expectations and responsibilities. Doubt and self esteem. Also Repressed anger Impulses: childish. Impulsive. fight or flight. Edge: Crown Princess: well educated, socially and politically adept, well traveled, charismatic leader, inscrutable...

    Sam Harris

    Hot: 2 Cold: -1 Volatile: 1 Dark: -1   Uncontainable Howl at the Moon


    New girl. Who is she? What is she? Hot: 2 Cold: 0 Volatile: -1 Dark: 1

    Yearning, The Solace

    Name: Yearning Look: Ambiguous Gender          Casual Wear          Lovely Face          Piercing Eyes          Small Body         Stats: Cool 0, Hard-1, Hot+2, Sharp+1, Weird+1 Moves ·         Disarming presence: when you want to disarm a charged situation, start speaking or singing and roll+hot. On a hit, no one...


    Fenris 4
    FENRIS (Axl Achachak Christensen) Created By: Magnus First Appearance: Redemption- Revolution by Evolution (July 2013) Role: Animal Guy, Defender of Nature, Occult Slayer Group Affiliations: The Roughnecks, S.H.I.E.L.D. PL 10 (165) STRENGTH 6 STAMINA 7 AGILITY 7 FIGHTING 2 DEXTERITY 0 INTELLIGENCE 4 AWARENESS 2 PRESENCE 0   Skills: Close Combat (Claws) 8 (+10) Expertise (Science) 5 (+9) Expertise (Occult/Supernatural)...

    Jacob Washington, aka "Frank"

    Agent Name: "Frank" Real Name: Jacob Washington Background: Bang-and-Burner Previous Patron: United States Army, NYPD Drive: Altruism MOS: Explosive Devices Sources of Stability Symbol: Rosary passed down through the family for generations Solace: Mona Walker, on-again, off-again girlfriend (currently on) since high school Safety: the apartment of Ethan Washington, his younger brother   Investigative Abilities Academic   Accounting 1 Archaeology...

    Cedar Vance, The Unicorn

    Name: Cedar Vance Origin: was a quiet child Look: sensitive with sweet eyes Stats: Hot 0, Cold -1, Volatile 1, Dark 1, Integrity 0   People should never: lie, hurt themselves, cause pain to others, mislabel others, gossip.   Darkest Self This is it. Everything falls apart, and you can't hold it together anymore. It's not because everything is too...


  • Player: Ming Batson
  • Alexandria Kim, the Witch

    Name: Alexandria "Alex" Kim Skin: The Witch Look: Edgy with Deep Eyes Origin: Dabbler   Hot: 0 Cold: 1 Volatile: -1 Dark: 1   Moves: Hex-Casting: You can cast Hexes. Choose two that you know. To cast them, either expend a sympathetic token during a secret ritual, or meet the target's gaze and chant at them in tongues. Then roll...

    Carmen Mazur, The Wolf

    Name: Carmen Mazur Look: Female            Mixed            Dark Clothing Demeanor: Aggressive Stats: Blood 1 (scarred- disfigured), Heart 1, Mind 0, Spirit 1 Factions: Mortality 0, The Barbarois 1, Knight Unlimited 1, Disciples of Ahura 0, Undine 0 Gear: A duffel bag with your personal belongings            a shitty cellphone           9mm Beretta (2-harm close loud)           Switchblade (2-harm hand...

    Rax Veir

    Race: Human Career: Soldier Specializations: Commando, Infiltrator Duty: Combat Victory 0 Group Duty: 5 Contribution Rank: 2 Motivation: Glory Homeworld: Brentaal IV Wound Threshold 15 Strain Threshold 14 Soak 3/6 Current XP: 2 XP Total XP: 362 XP   Characteristics:  Brawn 3 Agility 3 Intellect 2 Cunning 3 Will 3 Presence 2   Skills: Athletics 2 Brawl 2 Coercion 1*...


  • Player: Clyde Melson
  • MX-87 Race: Droid Career; Engineer Specialization: Sabateur Duty;0 Motivation: Justice/Vengence   Wounds Threshold 15+Brawn Strain Threshold 15 +Willpower XP;133   Career Skills Mecanics 2 Computers 3 Skullduggry 3 Piolting (Space) 1 Vigalnce 1 Perception 2 Stealth 2 Ranged (light) 2     Brawn 2 Agility 3 Intellect 4 Cunning 3 Willpower 1 Presence 1     XP; Talents Grit +1...