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Sam Harris

Hot: 2 Cold: -1 Volatile: 1 Dark: -1   Uncontainable Howl at the Moon

Rebecca Thorn, the Vampire

Alice englert
Rebecca ThornOld-Fashioned, Pained EyesOld by Human TermsHot 1, Cold 1, Volatile 0, Dark -1Marked for the HuntWhen you feed on someone, you establish a close bond with them. When you gaze into the abyss concerning their whereabouts or well-being, roll as if you had Dark 3.InvitedYou cannot enter a home without being invited. Whenever someone invites you, take a String...

CJ, The Neighbor

Name: Caitlyn Jackson, aka CJ Look: easy-going with smiling eyes Origin: person next door Stats: Hot 1, Cold 0, Volatile 1, Dark -1 Move Mixed Messages Whenever you're alone with someone, decide if you're attracted to them or not. - If you are, tell them why you can't be together and roll to shut them down, adding 1 to the...

Meiling Wu

Melodramatic Hook: She is on the trail of the entity that destroyed her last unit.Juncture: ModernWealth: Working StiffBack-Up Attack: Sorcery 13Guns 14Defense 13Toughness 7Magic 9Speed 6Hair-Trigger Neck HairsGain + 1 Defense for the first sequence of any fight your opponents start unexpectedly.Stop Right There!Spend 1 shot to stop an enemy from Cheesing It.Inured to WeirdnessWhen a Sorcery, Creature or Scroungetech attack misses you, regain a spent Fortune...

Megan Gwynn, aka "Pixie"

Megan Gwynn, aka Pixie   Origin: Gifted Upbringing: Troubled Attitude: Curious Ambition: To Succeed Mutant-Power Reaction: Embraced Niche: Outsider   Values Duty, A Time and Place for Everything- d8 Power, Learning It, Loving It- d8 Love, Is Pain, Or Can Be- d8 Glory, Other Things Matter More- d8 Community, Need To Find My Place- d6 Ethics, They Can Get In The Way- d6   Asset Impulsive d4...

Key, The Angel

Name: Key Look: Woman Casual Wear Plus Utility Kind Face Clear Eyes Sturdy Body Stats: Cool -1 Hard +1 Hot 0 Sharp +2 Weird +1   Moves Infirmary: you get an infirmary, a workspace with life support, a drug lab and a crew of 2 (Shigusa & Mox, maybe). Get patients into it and you can work on them like a...

Shiba Toshiro

Toshiro discovered he was destined to be a Shiba yojimbo when he found his grandfathers daisho set hidden in his parents home. The spirit of his grandfather lingered within the swords after a disgraceful seppuku and it instructed him to seek out training. Having no previous knowledge of his heritage or prior samurai training Toshiro struggled until he met another...

Isawa Kenichi

  Isawa Kenichi is young of face but one look into his wise dark eyes reveals the true age of his soul. He holds the rare ability of ishi, a shugenja with an affinity for the element of void, and was trained by his grandfather from a young age. He has since trained as an Isawa Tensai, shugenja who have...

Richard Rawlings: Lionheart

Richard rawlings
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    Player: Tolly Gipson
  • Values, Value Statement   Duty:            D4    I do what I want Glory:           D10   Best believe I am the Best Love:            D8    Protecting Who I care About Power:          D10  It Just Feels Natural Community:  D6   There Are Many Animals In This Jungle Ethics:          D4   I make My Own Rules ***************************************   Relationships: Name (die rating), Relationship Statement   1. Marcus...

    Josie, The Brainer

    Name: Josie Look: Woman Clinical Wear Sweet Face Deep Eyes Slight Body Stats: Cool +2 Hard +1 Hot +1 Sharp 0 Weird +3   Moves Deep brain scan: when you have time and physical intimacy with someone — mutual intimacy like holding them in your arms, or 1-sided intimacy like they’re restrained to a table — you can read them...

    Jantre Dubois, Ph. D.

    Investigator Name: Professor Jantre DuBois College Degrees: Sorbonne, Paris Birthplace: Paris, France Sex: Female Age: 33   Characteristics STR 07 CON 10 SIZ 11 DEX 12 APP 14 SAN 55 INT 15 POW 11 EDU 16 IDEA 75 LUCK 55 KNOW 80   Hit Points 11 Sanity Points 55 Magic Points 11   Skills Accounting 10 Anthropology 31 Archaeology 26...


    Fenris 4
    FENRIS (Axl Achachak Christensen) Created By: Magnus First Appearance: Redemption- Revolution by Evolution (July 2013) Role: Animal Guy, Defender of Nature, Occult Slayer Group Affiliations: The Roughnecks, S.H.I.E.L.D. PL 10 (173) STRENGTH 3/6 STAMINA 3/7 AGILITY 3/7 FIGHTING 2 DEXTERITY 0 INTELLIGENCE 4 AWARENESS 2 PRESENCE 0   Skills: Close Combat (Claws) 8 (+10) Expertise (Science) 5 (+9) Expertise (Occult/Supernatural)...

    Frank Shepherd

  • Player: Robert W

    Arthur Fitzroy, The Tainted

    Name: Arthur Fitzroy Gender: Male Look: powerful body, distant eyes, jagged hands Stats: Blood 1 (scarred- disfigured), Heart 3, Mind 1, Spirit 1 Faction Rapport: Mortality 0, Night 2, Power 1, Wild 3   Corruption Move When you kill a person or when you save a person’s life, mark corruption. Intimacy Move When you share a moment of intimacy -physical or emotional -with another...