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Jenny Cantarelli, the Neighbor

Jenny Cantarelli, the Neighbor Look: femme, with hopeful eyesOrigin: girl next door Stats & Moves: Hot 2 Cold -1 Volatile 1 Dark -1 Lucky I GuessWhen you remain oblivious to troubling or supernatural occurrences, carry 1 forward.   Self-DeprecatingWhen you talk shit about yourself to someone, they choose: argue and give you a String, let it slide and shut you down....

Hillary Blair, the Vampire

Hillary Blair, the Vampire Look: aloof, with dead eyes Origin: turned this century Stats & Moves: HypnoticThe Feeding Hot 2 Cold 1 Volatile -1 Dark -1 [ ] Take another Vampire move.[ ] Take another Vampire move.[ ] Take a move from another Skin.[ ] Take a move from another Skin.[ ] You belong to a Vampire Coterie.[ ] Add 1 to Hot (max...

Ailis, the Unicorn

Name: Ailis Skin: The Unicorn Look: Horn is a trick of the light, has stoic eyes. Origin: Hunted to Extinction   People Should Never: Eat Meat Hurt the Environment Bully Make Someone Cry   Stats: Hot: 1 Cold: -1 Volatile: 2 Dark: -1 Integrity: 0   Moves: With Integrity: You judge your own actions harshly, holding yourself to a high moral...


Fenris 4
FENRIS (Axl Achachak Christensen) Created By: Magnus First Appearance: Redemption- Revolution by Evolution (July 2013) Role: Animal Guy, Defender of Nature, Occult Slayer Group Affiliations: The Roughnecks, S.H.I.E.L.D. PL 11 (186) STRENGTH 3/6 STAMINA 3/7 AGILITY 3/7 FIGHTING 2 DEXTERITY 0 INTELLIGENCE 4 AWARENESS 2 PRESENCE 0   Skills: Close Combat (Claws) 9 (+11) Expertise (Science) 5 (+9) Expertise (Occult/Supernatural)...

Bondisario Blackpool

BONDISARIO BLACKPOOL CN, Gillman, Messmerist (Vexing Daredevil) 3   ABILITIY SCORES Str:  12 Dex:  14 Con:  14 Int:  10 Wis:  9 Cha:  16    COMBAT ac:  17 (Chain shirt, Dex, Amulet of Armor)       touch ac:  12       flat-footed ac:  15 hp:  27  initiative:  +8 Fort:  +3 Refl:  +5 Will:  +5 +1 Longsword +4, 1d8+2 (19-20...


    Name: Twitch   Race: Ratfolk   Size: S   Class: Rogue 2/Illusionist 1   Gender: Male   Age: 14   Height: 3' 10"   Weight: 65#   Hair: Black   Eyes: Black   ABILITIY SCORES   Str: 8   Dex: 18   Con: 10   Int: 16   Wis: 10   Cha: 10   COMBAT   AC: 18...


Career Path Void Master   Homeworld Void-Born Effects Characteristic Modifier ~ -5 Strength, +5 Willpower (Already applied) Starting Skills ~ Additional Speak Language (High Gothic) Charmed ~ When spending a Fate Point roll 1d10. On a 9, Fate Point remains unspent Ill-Omened ~ -5 Fellowship when interacting with all Non-Void Born Humans Shipwise ~ Navigation (Steller) and Pilot (Spacecraft) become...

- The Nova

  • Player: Steve Moore
  • Cold Stuff


  • Player: Stuewe
  •                 I am an IG-86 series droid.  I am a former battle droid for the Separatists and bodyguard for Zera Tharen.  She never had my memory wiped and that has allowed me to learn through experience and to become sentient.  What that means is simple, I am just like you beings composed of meat,...


    HADENCREST CN, Human, Brawler (Mutagenic Mauler) 3   ABILITY SCORES Str:  16 (20) Dex:  14 Con:  14 Int:  12 (10) Wis:  10 Cha:  8   COMBAT ac:  16 (+4 chain shirt, +2 dex) / 18 (Mutagen)      touch ac:  12      flat-footed ac:  14 (16 Mutagen) hp:  31 init:  +6 Fort:  +5 Refl:  +5 Will:  +1 Unarmed +6 (+8 mutagen),...

    Michi Kumagai, the Chosen

    Michi Kumagai, the Chosen Look: stubborn, with unwavering eyesOrigin: destined Stats & Moves: Hot 2 Cold -1 Volatile 1 Dark -1 Light the WayTake the BlowMixed MessagesMercy Scent of Blood  Conditions: scentedHarm: 0/4 Advances [x] Take another Chosen move.[ ] Take another Chosen move. [x] Take a move from another Skin. [x] Take a move from another Skin. [ ] You have Unholy...

    "Lightspeed"/Mia Santiago, the Beacon

    Hero Name: Lightspeed Real Name: Mia Santiago Look: Female, Hispanic/Latino, Casual Clothing, Iconic Costume Abilities: Swords, Camouflage and Stealth   Labels: Freak: 0 Danger: -1 Savior: +2 Superior: 0 Mundane: +2   Moves: C'Mon Lucky: You have a pet of some kind, a smaller companion that supports you and helps you out. Detail it. Choose 3 basic moves. Tell the...

    Miernin Torin

  • Premium label
    Player: Michael Garcia
  • Miernin Torin is a bartender, a scoundrel, and a cad. Let's be honest here: he can be a pretty shallow guy and he can be easily written off as much, but deep down, he's got a heart, and will eagerly help someone out when they are in a rut, though, he's won't pass up an oppurtunity to make a profit...

    Elias Vargas, The Aware

    Name: Elias Vargas Look: Male           Hispanic/Latino           Everyday Clothing   Demeanor: Paranoid   Stats Blood -1 Heart 1 Mind 2 Spirit 0   Factions Mortality 1 Night 0 Power 1 Wild 0   Intro Who are you? "I'm Elias Vargas, a second-generatio immigrant and med student. Basically a normal guy. At...

    Stanwyck Gilles

    Name: Stanwyck Gilles Class: Mage (Level 9) Race: Human Background: Circle Mage   Abilities  Communication 2 Focus: Etiquette, Persuasion   Constitution 2 Focus: Stamina   Cunning 3 Focus: Arcane Lore, Healing   Dexterity 1   Magic 5 Focus: Creation Magic, Spirit Magic   Perception 3   Focus: Seeing   Strength 1   Willpower 3 Focus: Self-Discipline   Defense 11 Armor 0 Speed   11 Charge 5 Run 5...