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Moriko Hatsunaka

Moriko Hatsunaka, Hunter of Shadows Look: Female Asian with dark clothing and a calculating demeanor, (toned body, kind eyes, and scarred hands). Blood +2 Heart +0 Mind +1 Spirit -1 [ ] Mortality +1 [ ] Night +1 [ ] Power +0 [ ] Wild +0 Advances: 0/0 MOVES Slayer: Keep Cool with Blood Deadly Hunter: +1 Harm  INJURIES Armor:...

Richard Rawlings: Lionheart

Richard rawlings
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    Player: Tolly Gipson
  • Values, Value Statement   Duty:            D4    I do what I want Glory:           D10   Best believe I am the Best Love:            D8    Protecting Who I care About Power:          D10  King of Any Jungle Community:  D6   If I need you I'll Let you know Ethics:          D4   I make My Own Rules ***************************************   Relationships: Name (die rating), Relationship Statement   1....


    Character otaktay killing wind profile
  • Player: Joe Laurencelle
  •   Name Otaktay  Look Male, fierce eyes, taloned hands, broad-shouldered, lean, Indigenous Demeanor   Feral Character Stats Blood 2, Heart 1, Mind 0, Spirit -1 Starting Factions Mortality 1 Night 1 Power -1 Wild 1  Intro Who are you? I am the folly of wicked men. Those that would call themselves predator. I am Vengeance on the Wind. How long...

    Dee, the Dragon

    Dee - 320x290
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    Player: June Garcia
  • Moves/stats to follow

    Jonathon Landers

  • Player: Steve Moore
  • Jonathon Landers (Steve) ARCHETYPE: Veteran - Mortality Look: male, everyday clothing, leg braces   Blood  -1 Heart  1 Mind   2 Spirit   0   Mortality 1 Night  1 Power  0 Wild 0 Moves* Old Friends, Old Favours* The Best Laid Plans* Invested   Corruption:   [] [] [] [] [] Experience:  [] [] [] [] [] Advances:   Debts: * [] *...

    Olivia the Oracle

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    Player: Bry
  • Olivia Bancroft, the Damaged Oracle Look: Female Caucasian with loose clothing, distant demeanor, (sensual body, playful eyes, and graceful hands).   Blood +0 Heart -1 Mind +1 Spirit +2 [ ] Mortality =0 [ ] Night -1 [ ] Power +1 [ ] Wild +1 Advances: 0/0 MOVES Foretellings  Psychometry  INJURIES Armor: O Faint O Greivous O O Critical O...

    Darius Youngblood

    The void
    Wrist Comp Emergency Beacon 1 Global Positioning System 1 Database Spaceship 2 Groupfinder 2 Language Translator 2 ----------------------------- Warden Belt Stun Gun Handcuffs Snap Baton Combat Knife Pistol (Teryn Defender) 2 Clips Multi-tool Flashlight --------------------------------- Portable forensics kit Emergency med kit Ear beads  

    Ophelia Proctor, The Angel

    Name: Ophelia Proctor Origin: chosen Look: tense with piercing eyes Stats: Hot 1, Cold 0, Volatile 2, Trespass 1/Forgiveness -1   Darkest Self You've fought so hard to distance yourself from the lord, to establish autonomy and indepedence. In doing so, you've unwittingly stumbled into the service of another power greater than yourself. You will carry out their will as...


  • Player: Steve Moore
  • Name: Wash (Steve) Playbook: Faceless Look: Concealed, scrounged armor, hard eyes, wiry bodyStats: Cool   0 Hard   2 Hot    1 Sharp -1 Weird  1Playbook Moves Norman: you seek the advice of your mask. Roll+weird to see what it directs you to do. On a 10+ mark experience and take a +1 if you do as your mask wishes....

    Victor Breckenridge

    Victor Breckenridge (He prefers to simply be known as Breckenridge) was surprisingly unremarkable. He had a position in a college IT department, was working on his MFA to become a Comp Sci professor, and had what one could assume was a comfortable life. Then, suddenly, as soon as he had everything he could want, he suffered a nervous breakdown. He'd...

    Spider Vandel The Maestro D'

    Character spider vandel aw
  • Player: Joe Laurencelle
  • Name: Spider Vandel Look: Man Vintage Ware Expressive Face Inquisitive Eyes Long & Lean Body Precise Hands Stats: Cool +0, Hard +1, Hot +2, Sharp +1, Weird -1 Moves: Fingers in Every Pie Everybody Eats, even that Guy Maestro D' Special: If you hook another character up - with sex, with food, with somethin somethin, whatever - it counts as...

    Kara Solaris

    Born into priviledge on the Mid Rim planet of Naboo, Kara grew up in the high courts as well as at dig sites beside her father. The two shared a passion for history and culture that was sadly missing from the rest of the Solaris family, who were 'too good' to dig in the dirt. While it wasn't a surprise,...


  • Player: Steve Moore
  • Name: Rex (Steve) Playbook: Wrangler Look: Man, scarred face, hounded eyes, scarred body Stats: Cool   0 Hard   2 Hot    1 Sharp  1 Weird -1   Playbook Moves * Command: when you work with your pack on animals in something they are trained in: - and you do something under fire, add your pack’s ferocity to your roll - and you...

    Simba, the Gunlugger

  • Player: Kai Mayer
  • Skin: Gunlugger   A man in battered old armour with a blunt face, cunning eyes, and a huge body. Cool +1 Hard +2 Hot -1 Sharp +1 Weird=0   Moves: NOT TO BE FUCKED WITH: In battle, you count as a gang (3-harm gang small), with armour according to the circumstances. Battlefield instincts: when you open your brain to the world’s...

    Virginia "Pepper" Potts

    Tony Stark's long-suffering assistant, now his lover and Stark Industries CEO. Affiliations Solo D6     Buddy D10     Team D8 Distinctions Business Acumen Always Prepared In the Loop Power Sets Extremis Survivor: Improved Stamina D6 SFX: Healing Factor. Spend 1 PP to step back your physical trauma and physical stress. Specialties Business Master D10     Psych Expert D8 Milestone: Love...