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Rowena 'Roe' Mallory, the witch

Rowena 'Roe' Mallory, the WitchEdgy with playful eyesGifted Hot 0Cold 1Volatile -1Dark 1 Sympathetic TokensYou gain power from sympathetic tokens - items of personal significance that you take from others. Each sympathetic token counts as a String. Hex-CastingYou can cast Hexes. Choose two that you know. To cast them, either expend a sympathetic token during a secret ritual, or meet...

Corrine Boyd, The Hollow

Name: Corrine Boyd   Look: immaculate with soulless eyes   Origin: homunculus   Stats: Hot -1, Cold -1, Volatile 1, Dark 2   Darkest Self Your body is a prison. You don’t belong inside of it. You need to put it in harm’s way, and make it suffer, just like it’s made you suffer. There’s got to be a way...

Fleur Simon - Ghost

Russia3 (346x477)
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    Player: June Garcia
  • Fleur Simonfemale, french, vintage clothing, MysteriousBlood       2Heart      -1Mind        0Spirit      2Mortality      0Night          2 Power          0 Wild           1MovesManifest, Link (Cameo - gift from her fiance), Wall - What wall?Gear (spiritual):  Reticule with Smelling salts, small knife.

    Pixie Squadren Pilot

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    Player: Mike Shrout
  • Pixie Squadren is an all female Veriable Fighter Squadren assigned to the SDF-1 Macross and although they are all fully trained and capable pilots they are mostly intended as arecruiting tool for the UN Spacy. all members were selected for there looks and human relations skills. they rae sometimes called the cheerleading squadren.

    Monica Adams, The Spectre

     Who are you? Monica Adams, former college student, murder victim.  How long have been in the city? I came to the city about 10 years ago, but soon discovered that the city has a few rules.  I was the first ghost in ages to get a charter in this century, due to my passions for learning and education....


    WITCHBREED PACKAGE (MUMMY) From the Tomb Hideous Visage Inveterate Pawn Sarcophagus Shell   ATTRIBUTES Agility d4 Smarts d6 Spirit d6 Strength d4 Vigor d6   Charisma -2 Pace 6" Parry 5 Toughness 7   SKILLS Fighting d6 Notice d6 Witchcraft d8 Intimidate d6 Subterfuge d4 Intimidate d6 Persuasion d6 Guts d4   EDGES Arcane Background- Witchcraft New Power   HINDRANCES...

    Harriet Walker, aka "Nightmare"

    Harriet Walker, aka Nightmare Attributes Agility d8 Smarts d6 Spirit d6 Strength d6 Vigor d6   Skills Fighting d8 Notice d8 Stealth d6 Survival d6 Throwing d8 Tracking d6 Other Charisma 0 Pace 8 Parry 6 Toughness 5 Edges Arcane Background- Super Powers Danger Sense Acrobat Fleet-Footed Powers Flight Telekinesis (Lvl 5) -       Ranged Jinx Gifted Force Control  (Lvl 2)...


  • Player: Reilin
  • Reilin Novar Race:Human Age:20  Hr: Brown Eyes: Green Career:Solder    Specialization:Sharpshooter Duty:11  Group Duty:?? Motivation:Justice and Honor Homeworld: Corellia   Wound Threshold: Strain Threshold: 13  Strain:  -2  Wounds:     Defense:    Soak:      CurrentXp=76   Characteristics Brawn-2 Agility-3 Intel-3 Cunning-3 Willpower-2 Presence-2   General Skills         Custom Skills Athletics-2          -Snipershots:1 Cool-1...


  • Player: Kyrros
  • Two-BeeOne holds the belief that sufficiently advanced droids are as equal or even more capable of sentience than organics are. To be inorganic and sentient but possesed as property is equivalent to organic slavery.   Two-BeeOne regards his fellow droids as potential sentients but knows that some will not exceed the sum of their programming. 

    Rax Veir

    Race: Human Career: Soldier Specializations: Infiltrator, Commando Duty: Combat Victory 11 Group Duty: 55 Motivation: Glory Homeworld: Brentaal IV Wound Threshold 15 Strain Threshold 14 Soak 3/5 Current XP: 26 XP Total XP: 286 XP   Characteristics:  Brawn 3 Agility 3 Intellect 2 Cunning 2 Will 3 Presence 2   Skills: Athletics 2 Brawl 2 Cool 1* Deception 1 Discipline...


  • Player: aidan freeman
  • Distinctions: Canine Cosmonaut, Defender of (K)nowhere, Bad Bark and Bad Bite   Power Set 1:   PSIONIC CANINE   Force Field D8, Telekinetic Blast D10, Telekinetic Control D8, Telepathy D10, Telepathic Camoflauge D8   SFX: Area Attack. Against multiple opponents. For each additional target, add a D6 and keep an additional effect die.   SFX: Reactive Power. Spend a plot...

    Gilby Gipper

    Gilby Gipper is quite resourceful Gnome.   An all-around jack of all criminal trade.   Mostly, he chooses to Con wealthy benefactors and cheat at games of chance, but he will steal if the time calls for it and he once slaughtered a field full of mice for a bounty.  He like to call himself a professional assassin but he has never...