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Profile details

Personal details

  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Human
  • Ethnicity: Liantuan
  • Alignment/ethics: Neutral Good
  • Skin color: Pale
  • Age: 19
  • Birthday: 14, Nimh 1579
  • Height : 6'1"
  • Weight: 150lbs
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Hair color & style: Strawberry / Elegant wavy
  • Fashion sense: High Class
  • Place of birth: Kailsford, Liantu
  • Relationship status: Single
  • Weapon of choice: Longsword or Schimtar


  • Current profession: Questing Noble
  • Previous profession: Noble: Selina Ebonhawke
  • Current class: Duskblade
  • Level: 2

"Tesla Frost" : Character profile

About me

"Tesla Frost" is in actuality a Noble of House Ebonhawke (holding in Kailsford, Liantu) and the Daughter of Barron Ethan Von Ebonhawke Esq.

She took this alias to protect herself and her family from any harm, persecution, or political disadvantages that may come of her travels.

Her real name is Seline Teslin Ebonhawke.

Currently, she is on a quest which leads her, seemingly aimlessly, across Liantu and its surrounding lands. However, her task is daunting, as she's not sure whether she can even achieve her goal, or whether, "the Blood of the Hero" even exists. Naturally, this gives her an often serious, even pessimistic disposition. Still, she continues her journey, and accepts help where she can get it, if only for the company.

Someone else would describe me as...

"just from this background, i get the impression that she is at an age where she has strong outward convictions because she doesn't know her own heart yet. she WANTs to be a certain way, perhaps a way she thinks she is supposed to be, or maybe a way she thinks she isnt supposed to be. her closest people have all gone from her life, and she finds herself "alone in a room full of people." she feels like perhaps she SHOULD feel satisfied, but she isnt, its no wonder she left home on a quest. she needed direction. it will be interesting to see how this impressionable (not outwardly, but through manipulation of her emotions), yet strong headed and stuborn young woman will fair in the wide world."

Character relationships


Father: Barron Ethan Von Ebonhawke esq. -single /age: 61

Note: Ethan is the Busy and Benevolent father, constantly and dutifully fulfilling his role in the nation's affairs, while still attempting to maintain a relationship with his only daughter, even a strained one. Lately his interests for her involve finding a suiter for her to marry. An endeaver which is in no way aided by Seline's defiance and tomboyishness.

Mother: ex. Barroness Faolen Shae-Ebonhawke -deceased

Note: Remembered as the caring mother, Faolen is loved and missed by all in Kailsford. None moreso than by her favorite daughter. It was Faolen's wish that Seline recieve eduction in Liantuan religion and arcane arts, most likely hoping to lead her daughter into the life of a cleric. Seline still struggles with her faith.

Brother: Capt. 1st Class Martin Shae Ebonhawk -married w/children / -enlisted / age: 25

Note: Martin is a favorite family member for Seline. Before he enlisted in the Liantuan cavalry corps. he taught her the use of the sword, saying that these days, even women may fight for their country. She later continued training under the hold's weapons-master, despite her father's variance. Her recent hobbies include imparting some of this skill to his son, her nephew.

Nephew: Martin Shae Ebonhawke 2nd -age: 7 -son of M. S. Ebonhawke

Note: quickly becomming a favorite of Seline's, Martin jr. is a fan of his aunt's, always eager to learn from her, whether sword-fighting, or mending clothing.

Sister-in-law: Olette Yasmond Meriwether-Ebonhawke age: 23 -married to M.S. Ebonhawke.

Note: Olette is ever the eager friend, especially while Martin is away. For her part, however, Seline just can't grow fond of Olette. She simply doesn't have anything interesting to say. Ever.