Cerebirn portrait

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Personal details

  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Elf
  • Age: 136


  • Current profession: Bowyer
  • Previous profession: Citadel Born
  • Previous profession: Wanderer
  • Previous profession: Student
  • Previous profession: Lead to Protector
  • Previous profession: Bowyer

Cerebirn : Character profile

About me


Belief 1:

Belief 2: 

Belief 3: have been a wanderer, student and soldier in my short life. It is time now to journey into the human lands and learn what I can from my younger brothers.



Instinct 1: The roads are dangerous. Always keep my bow at hand.

Instinct 2: When waiting, practice Bowcraft.

Instinct 3: When passing quietly by a door, sing the Air of Gates.


Character Traits

Born Under the Silver Stars

Fair and Statuesque


Call-On Traits


Die Traits

Essence of the Earth [CB, pg. 82]

First Born [CB, pg. 83]

Grief [CB, pg. 83]

Keen Sight [CB, pg. 83]

Lost [CB, pg. 280]




Citadel Born, Wanderer, Student, Lead to Protector, Bowyer


Someone else would describe me as...

An elven wanderer

Character relationships


Cousin (minor, other family, hateful/rival)








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