Profile details

Personal details

  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Elf
  • Age: 129
  • Height : 5' 6"
  • Weight: 103lbs


  • Current class: Mage
  • Level: 3

Ailaya : Character profile


The sorceress Ailaya has spent much of her long life pursuing the mysteries of the arcane. She inherited much from her father, the archmage Det’rian, including a gift for magic and the stubborn refusal to live in anyone’s shadow — even his. Between her studies at Det’rian’s magical college, Ailaya practiced swordplay with “lower born” elves, always choosing the biggest blade she could handle. As one might imagine, her craft hasn’t expanded in the traditional way — she’s abandoned the high-minded prophesies and enchantments spun by her father in favor of a new path — her own, personal path of martial enlightenment and brazen adventure.

Another change in Ailaya’s life came with the arrival of the sages, Hamlin and Raelia, who sought a partner for “exploits both mundane and magical.” Lured by Raelia’s good nature and Hamlin’s promises of adventure, the elven mage signed up for what’s become 15 years exploring the ancient wonders of the world, and she’s never regretted a minute of it. The trio had to bring on additional muscle a while back, when they “acquired” a 10-pound ruby from the depths of a lich’s crypt, and Ailaya sometimes gets a little uppity about it (she likes to think she’s packing plenty of muscle herself). Still, this motley crew is about as far from her father’s “good name” as she could hope, and getting her hands dirty only helps to prove how very in control she is of her own fate.

Someone else would describe me as...

Flashy clothes; hauntingly beautiful eyes; lithe grace