Bug 290

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Personal details

  • Distinguishing feature: Nimbus


  • Current profession: Mysterium
  • Current class: Acanthus

About me

<Things to track>:

# of spells cast upon self

(Spell tolerance = Stamina: -1 dice per extra spell)


Active Spells

Max = Gnosis +3


Description: Gwen Soelberg, "Whim" is a petite young woman. Her short tousled hair is dyed an unnatural shade of turquoise, and her eyes are bright and curious. To most, her freckled face appears unremarkable, except when she smiles. Then her face is transformed from utterly common to lopsidedly pretty—some would even say beautiful. She moves quickly, with an impatient gait. Her love of life is infectious, inspiring to some and just plain irritating to others. Often, Whim chooses to dress in something brightly colored or bizarrely anachronistic discovered in a local thrift store, treasured for some aesthetic quality known only to her. She carries a cell phone, but perpetually forgets to keep it charged or turn it on.

Character relationships

Older cousin and guardian to Brat.

Illiaster is her best friend.

Magellan is a family friend her dead parents knew.