Bug 290

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  • Distinguishing feature: Nimbus


  • Current profession: Mysterium
  • Current class: Moros

About me

<Things to track>:

# of spells cast upon self

(Spell tolerance = Stamina: -1 dice per extra spell)


Active Spells

Max = Gnosis +3


Description: Jonathan Dalton, "Iliaster" is tall and thin with somewhat effeminate features. Although he is primarily of Caucasian descent, his dark, almond-shaped eyes appear almost Asian, and his nose is long, sharp and thin. Iliaster’s hair is a thick, wavy brown, and it sticks up strangely if allowed to grow out from his typically shortly-cut style. He wears thin, wire framed glasses and is most comfortable in a pair of old jeans and a T-shirt.

Someone else would describe me as...

Socially Awkward Outcast

Character relationships

Best friend to Whim, who he loves as more than a friend - which is not returned.