Bug 290

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  • Distinguishing feature: Nimbus


  • Current profession: Adamantine Arrow
  • Current class: Thyrsus

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# of spells cast upon self

(Spell tolerance = Stamina: -1 dice per extra spell)


Active Spells

Max = Gnosis +3


Description: In her mid-thirties, Evita Perez-Everest is a startlingly beautiful Mexican-American woman with long, luxurious brown hair and creamy coffee-colored skin. She moves with the easy grace of a practiced dancer. She rarely feels the need to enhance her appearance by wearing heavy makeup or fancy clothing, typically choosing something loose and woven from soft, natural fibers. She is soft-spoken and kind, and wears a subtle perfume that smells sweetly of flowering jasmine. Evita is bilingual, having grown up in a Spanish-speaking household but attending a primarily English-speaking school. She speaks English with a slight Texan drawl.

Someone else would describe me as...

Mother to All

Character relationships

Married to Magellan