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Personal details

  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Human
  • Alignment/ethics: Chaotic Good
  • Skin color: Desert tan
  • Age: 17
  • Height : 6'
  • Weight: 210 lb
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Hair color & style: Bald
  • Distinguishing feature: Wyrm tattoo on right arm
  • Training: Trial by fire
  • Weapon of choice: Greataxe


  • Current profession: Mercenary
  • Current class: Barbarian 2; Fighter 1
  • Level: 3

Krakkoth : Character profile

About me

Krakkoth was originally part of a tribe that lived on the outskirts of the desert.  However, an orc raid killed nearly everyone there, leaving Krakkoth with no home.  With only the axe his father used, he set out on a journey to find a new place he could call home.

While Krakkoth is normally a caring individual, that changes when he's in a rage.  He shows little remorse for killing in that state, and some claim that he is a completely different person, leading some to call him 'Krakkoth the Schizophrenic.'

Someone else would describe me as...

When not enraged: caring, outspoken, hesitant to kill unless the threat is clear


When enraged: brutal, will find an excuse to fight

Randall Mahan
  • Thu, Apr 12, 2012

    This guy has interesting would be fun to play with him.

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