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Personal details

  • Gender: Droid
  • Race: Probe
  • Alignment/ethics: Neutral
  • Skin color: Durasteel
  • Height : 1'3"
  • Weight: 35 lb
  • Eye color: Dark Blue
  • Place of birth: Czerka
  • Weapon of choice: Onboard Blaster

DK-29 : Character profile

About me

DK-29 is a Dark Eye series probe droid that has seen it's fair share of people.

It has well-honed sensors, a planetary database, and is equipped with several manipulators as well as a blaster cannon.


DK-29 was stolen from a Czerka droid shipment by spice smugglers before being activated.

The droid was given as a bribe to a Republic captain at a checkpoint after the crew's cargo was discovered.

This captain then gave DK to a royal navy officer as a promotion gift.

Until being discovered by (protagonist) for sale at a military surplus, it has been bored to bolts.

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