Profile details

Personal details

  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Dragonborn
  • Alignment/ethics: Good
  • Skin color: Dull Copper
  • Age: 29
  • Height : 6' 4"
  • Weight: 270 lbs
  • Eye color: Gold
  • Hair color & style: Shoulder length


  • Previous profession: Soldier
  • Current class: Fighter
  • Level: 1

Garen Talonsfield 2 : Character profile

About me

Xyrthana is an averaged sized female Dragonborn with dull copper scales and golden eyes, reddish highlights cover her scales at various positions across her body. Xyrtanas hair scales fan out slightly behind her head and fall down to her shoulder blades, though some 'locks' escape their brethren and fall over her shoulders.

Her previous military career has gifted her with small scars littering her body from previous battles, with one large scar across her right side from a particularly eventfull encounter, and a habit of clutching her sword handle when nervous or scared. Her training has gifted her with a leveler head then most, and she can keep her wits about her in all but the most stressful of circumstances.

Xyrthana tries of act as composed as possible at all times, but even military service wasn't enough to tame her temper. She can go from being as apathetic as a wall to a literal 6' wall of anger and profanity in naught but a second when her rage boils over.

She posseses the sense of dignity and honor that all civilised Dragonborn have, but once she warms to hose around her she reveals a dark sense of humour and a surprising willingness to play.

Xyrthanas belief in Avandra, and luck in general, allows her to accept her failures, however much she dislikes failing. This is really a godsend as her natural talent for the arts of combat have left her with almost an inability to turn down a challenge, even when it falls outside of her skills or comfort zones.


Xyrthana discovered her talent for fighting at a young age and aspired to become a Paladin worshipping Bahamut, as was the goal of many in her home. She joined the military when she came of age, quickly honing her skills and rising through the ranks.

After a series of bad decisions by her superior, Xyrthana started to question his apptitude and quickly found him lacking in many of virtues that Dragonborn value. She found herself frustrated with her knowledge of his incompetence, but her lack of power to do anything about it, seeing as he was the 'sterling paladin' of the military and her position in the chain of command.

It was during an ongoing conflict with a neighbouring kingdom where his incompetence became deadly. Under order to remain garissonedat their prescent location, her commander learned of an opposing regiment similarly garissoned at a nearby village. Instead of sending the information on to the next in command he decided to attack the enemy, hungry for glory and victory.

The battle was a massacre. Outnumbered and ambushed by the waiting enemy Xyrthanas allies were quickly cut down around her. Abandoned by her commander early on the battle became a desperate fight for survival. It was during this battle that Xyrthana gained the large scar maring her side. Struck in the fight by a war axe, she managed to escape the conflict only through a series of lucky escapes and fortuitous circumstances.

She later awoke to find herself rescued by enemy civilians, healed by the village cleric. It was in this village that she forsook Bahamut, unable to worship a god who would apoint a man so undeserving into his fold. After having recovered from her injury and repaying her debt to her saviours she left the village, deserting her career, kingdom and clan. Unable to go back while her commander still held rank.

She now finds herself adventuring, lending her sword skills to those in need while thanking her new god Avandra for what she perceives as her direct intervention as to why she still lives.

Character relationships

Brisco Battlebrains

I met Brisco on the ship to the new Defia settlement on Arkon. We started by sharing a drink and telling tails about past battles we had fought in. The Warlord and I were able to strike up a quick friendship... until he managed to cheat during cards. He quickly proved his skills and worth as an ally though, and is now a good friend. Though I shall never again gamble against him.

Quikain Jumptuft

I also met Quikain on the ship with Brisco, but this friendship was more... forced upon me. Her knowledge and appreciation for animals and creatures is astounding... and quite dull to one such as I. After fighting alongside her though I found her skills to be top rate for a Druid, and her methods effective. I now consider myself a good friend of hers, even if I find her conversations topics have much to be desired.