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  • Race: Human
  • Ethnicity: Chara
  • Age: 13
  • Virtue: Put Advantages Here
  • Flaw: Status -1 (Unnamed Adult) [-5]
  • Flaw: Code of Honor (Chara) [-5]
  • Flaw: Put additional Disadvantages here. Note on affected skills/abilities.
  • Goal: Earn a name

Template (Nachara starter) : Character profile

About me

Chara tend toward the high end of the Height table.

They tend to be of medium to light complexion with blond, red, and brown hair common, black hair rare.

Overall a 25 point character with no more than 10 points in Disadvantages in addition t o Required elements.

REQUIRED: Survival(Plains), Language(Chara) Native, Status -1 (Unnamed Adult) [-5], Code of Honor (Chara) [-5]

Common Advantages: Absolute Direction, Acute Senses, Ambidexterity, Animal Empathy, Appearance, Common Sense, Fit,

Common Disadvantages: Addiction, Appearance, Chummy, Curious, Honest, Truthful

Common Skills: No more than 1 point in any without explanation: Acrobatics, Animal Handling, Area Knowledge (Clan Territory), Armoury/TL2 (Melee Weapons or Missile Weapons), Artist, Blowpipe, Bolas, Bow, Cooking, Erotic Art, Fast-TalkFilch, First Aid, Fishing, Gambling, Heraldry (Clan/Tribe markings), Intimidation, Knife, Lance, Lasso, Leatherworking, Melee Weapons, Musical Instrument, Poetry, Riding (Horse), Short Sword, Sling, Spear, Staff, Stealth, Swimming, Thrown Weapon, Tracking, Whip.

  • Language (Sign) [A silent language used in hunt, combat, or at a distance.]

Things to avoid: Wealth (nobody bothers to become Wealthy), Reputation/Status/Rank (you need to EARN that). If you want anything not on the Common lists, I need backstory to support it.

Literacy is RARE, but signs and symbols are common. Documents aren't used so much as signs and markings.

Claim to Hospitality is assumed in Chara lands as long as you do not insult your host.

Code of Honor (Chara) - Accept defeat with honor; do not kill People casually; gifts* and thefts** give honor and must be repaid to avoid dishonor.

* To friends and enemies, especially enemies.

** From enemies only. Do not steal from those in your clan and tribe, but if something isn't being kept, they are finished with it. This last bit can get complicated. ;)


Questions appreciated.

  • Mon, Aug 23, 2010

    Go ahead and flesh him out when you get a chance, or tag me with questions when you have time.

  • Mon, Aug 23, 2010

    I think you need to name him before I can approve him...

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