Profile details

Personal details

  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Human / Solar
  • Ethnicity: Asian-Equivalent
  • Alignment/ethics: Neutral Good
  • Skin color: Pale white
  • Age: 17
  • Height : 6'
  • Weight: Athletic
  • Eye color: Violet
  • Hair color & style: Red, long and silky
  • Fashion sense: Loose, sleeveless silk robes
  • Place of birth: East
  • Current residence: Traveling
  • Relationship status: Single
  • Interest: Positive: Orphans
  • Interest: Positive: Silk
  • Interest: Negative: Rogue Gods
  • Goal: Take over the Realm, revive the Solar Deliberative
  • Weapon of choice: Daiklaive


  • Current class: Solar Caste

Yue Fairchild : Character profile

About me

Appearance: It's hard to get this young woman to look one in the eyes, both due to her shyness and her surprising height, taller than most at something under six feet, with the build of a lifelong outdoor worker; porcelain skin holds taut across an athletic build, muscles toned but not greatly distorting a surprisingly well-endowed figure. Her chest isn't quite oversized, but wide hips and long legs suggest aging will work wonders for the young Solar girl. The operative word here, mind, is "young": She must be just in her mid-teens, if that.

The girl's face is longer than it is round, with a slightly upturned nose and a tiny chin ending in a delicate point. Her eyes are deep purple, radiating shyness and mild fear, lips almost always trembling and tiny ears perked for signs of trouble. Her hair, is bright red, reaching just barely above her smooth shoulders, delicately soft and straight. Despite her imposing nature, Yue is remarkably shy, especially for a Solar. Amongst other Exalted, especially ones she doesn't know well, she's barely capable of speech, and when she is, she seems nearly about to cry. It's not uncommon for her to trail off a comment with countless apologies for wasting time, which can get on one's nerves quickly.

Yue elects to avoid wearing armor unless absolutely needed, and prefers flowing green clothes, sleeveless tunics or a light silk outfit with a cloak. When armor is needed, she opts for a similar color scheme. Her chosen weapon is more often than not a drastically oversized Daiklaive, longer than she is tall and nearly as wide, which she somehow wields effortlessly. The youthful Lawgiver gives off a nearly bipolar nature; once she's been set onto any task, even martial combat, she sets to it with remarkable dedication, only to drop back into a mousy haze once her job is done.


Born in a small village in the East, far from the Realm's control but not yet into the Bordermarches, Yue was not precisely destined for much importance at birth. All things accounted, she was once a meek, unremarkable orphaned tailoring apprentice that would likely make her trade sewing up work clothes for spare food. This became substantially complicated with the entrance of Lemurius, a local hero that had taken an interest in her. Things seemed okay for a while, and the warrior took a surprising liking to Yue's well-being, teaching her equal pars "swordfighting dork" and "bookworm", with greater success in the latter.

Shit got further complicated when Lemurius revealed to the hamlet he'd protected for years that he was, in fact, one of the so-called Anathema; a Solar Exalted, and that he was skipping town because his countless enemies had tracked him down, and were planning to rape him all at once. In a surprising display of awesomeness, the town rallied around their guardian, positive that brave hearts and self-determination could defeat any foe, even a fully-equipped Wyld Hunt, a handful of pissed-off corrupt gods, and probably a handful of Sidereals.

It turns out brave hearts and self-determination don't solve shit on their own, and a good half of the town died, Lemurius included.

Mostly by doing as Lemurius had ordered her, Yue led her friends and the remaining townspeople in running for their fucking lives as soon as blood started being shed, to a small Manse hidden a ways away from town. This didn't work out so good, and a particularly ornery God chased after her, leaving them stuck inside the structure with nothing but a crappy knife against a 12' beast deity with the strength of a hundred men and a Realm-supplied Essence Sword from millennia past. She couldn't just let her friends get hurt though! She raised her pathetic weapon in defense with a charge, he swung, and…The miracle did happened.

Yue's knife had lodged itself in an exposed component of the damaged weapon, causing it to feed back on the God and obliterate him entirely. Yue, a nobody from nowhere, had survived a massacre by forces the likes of which unseen in ages. The Unconquered Sun looked up from his <s>World of Warcraft account</s>Games of Divinity, saw it, and it was good. Yue had become a Solar Exalted of the Dawn Caste.

Realizing what she had become, Yue's hometown asked her politely to leave, considering the LAST Solar they harbored just massacred the shit out of them. Yue gathered what was left in serviceable condition from her adoptive father's Manse, and set out into the world to bring peace to Creation one and for all, and maybe even revive the Solar Deliberative in the process! Mind you, the infinite power of a demigod didn't exactly change her attitude much. Besides the occasional fit of general hedonistic sluttiness, she's still a shy, reserved young woman that's in way over her head. The young Lawgiver isn't about to let that stop her, though; even if she's a lucky bitch that got this power by a total fluke, it's hers now, and not using it would be just as bad as actively hurting Creation! Probably!

Someone else would describe me as...

A weirdo afraid of her own shadow that gets annoying quickly, but can juggle cattle without thinking about it, a loyal friend, and someone you want on your side when all is said and done.

Character relationships

Silk - Best Friend

Doktor - Physician

Snow - Wishes She Was Her Mentor