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Personal details

  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Drake
  • Alignment/ethics: nil
  • Skin color: Yellow-green
  • Age: 90
  • Height : 36' long snout tip to end of tail
  • Weight: 16000
  • Eye color: Emerald green
  • Hair color & style: Bronze scales
  • Distinguishing feature: Protruding canines
  • Fashion sense: Layers of articulated steel
  • Mannerism: Often sits on his haunches and 'talks with his hands'
  • Virtue: Sense of Majesty
  • Virtue: Protectiveness
  • Virtue: Appreciation for craft and art
  • Virtue: Independence
  • Flaw: Patronising
  • Flaw: Vain
  • Flaw: Aloof
  • Flaw: Terratorial
  • Flaw: Avarice
  • Interest: 'His' territory
  • Interest: Warfare History
  • Interest: Warfare Strategy
  • Weapon of choice: Firey death from above


  • Current profession: Fighter
  • Current class: Sage
  • Guild: Crafty Games
  • Server: The Crafty Compound
  • Level: 3

Vandarzryx the Drake : Character profile

About me

Drake Fighter Sage 3. Vandarzryx is facinated by warfare among the folk its history, tactics, and application.

He has the instincts of a solitary hunter, the same niche filled by panthers and hawks, quite unlike social folk.

The build is a minion smasher. Sage helps his team vs multiple foes. Feats and other options mimic soldier and are focused on more attacks/targets. He lacks the high damage or toughness to deal with arch-villains. A fantasy mix of an army General and an attack helicopter ;)


“The first few decades after leaving the nest are the most dangerous for a dragon. Not yet at full size, wandering in search of a territory, trying to amass a hoard and without the protection of parents. A young drake faces monsters, other predators, and most dangerous of all organised soldiers; be they human, orc, or other folk.

Through my great insight I saw an unusual solution: rather than stake a claim on land then have to struggle with folk rulers and their armies I have decided offer my services to folk rulers. Most barons ignored my offers of council and put me to war. War among the weaker species is unlike the might duels of drakes. At first I was horrified by the carnage, but overtime I have become hardened to the reality of war. I came to see war as a puzzle, the strangeness of folk their politics and history so different to that of solitary dragons, the folk their conflicts and reasons for war so endlessly fascinating. Among the folk war is terrible but there are often noble reasons for participating in the carnage.”


Someone else would describe me as...

An elephant-sized bronze scaled dragon built like a lion but with a long neck and tail. Currently clad in chainmail stitched together from the torn shirts of vanquished soldiers.

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  • Fri, Oct 01, 2010

    Need to gain exp. with character gen and INFRNO so will have a bash at creating a character in this medium. Very willing to play with a pregen though as would be a good exercise in gaining experience in the system and how it plays.

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