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Personal details

  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Half-Orc
  • Height : 6'11
  • Relationship status: Single


  • Current class: Witch
  • Level: 1

Kizzar O'Siren : Character profile


One of the first differences I noticed between myself and other children were the ears, when I was young I hoped that maybe it was because I was Half-Elven but soon thereafter my vestigial tusks, while small, began to grow. Haleen had always told me I wasn’t like most children; that I was special. The duplicitous semantics did not escape me in my youth when the word ‘special’ was used for me by anyone other than Haleen. It was the local children that first found other ways to apply the word. The second thing I noticed was my affinity towards books. This is something that greatly helped me avoid the adolescent riff raff of my middling youth for the third conspicuous gift was my stature, while imposing, was not one of brutish strength. My peers soon found out and as such, knowledge kept me rapt with complex formulae and obscure problems to contemplate rather than find myself engaged in activities with others my age.


I was told that this wasn’t normal for someone like me. That I should attend to more physical labors as they were more befitting of someone so, ‘gifted’. Again the glib usage did not slip past me. However thanks to Haleen I was constantly encouraged to say my course, to do what felt right to me as long as I was not imposing my will upon others.


I always knew that I was not Haleen’s child. I was even aware of my heritage, even though it is not depicted by my skin color as it is usual for those that share my lineage. Even though I learned to hide my tusks while interacting with others; it is not something you can hide from yourself. I recall a few times where the barbs from forked tongues sank in a bit too deep and as a young child as well as a young man and I cried while Haleen simply held me and said nothing. Even with these few instances, my parentage was not something we ever discussed. It all simply felt right and my spirit was at ease with things as they were so there was no need for questions. That is to say until I found Haleen gone one day and a note detailing my parentage. All my life I presumed that I was a merely born via any normal circumstances that a Half-Orc is brought into this world, however I was mistaken.  My father was a Garundi man named Kizzar from Absalom; my mother, an Orc named Shirish. The letter left to me states that, while positive, the circumstances under which they met was a story for them to tell should I choose to find them. Knowing that the relationship would be a hard one they moved to a smaller area where they could go as unnoticed as possible but the woman that delivered me cautioned that my continuing to live with them would cause an immense amount of suffering but she did not say for whom. Rather than let their child succumb to such a possibility they sought out a caretaker, Haleen who raised me in Ustalav as her own.


Now I am fraught with the decision to find my parents, search for Haleen or forge my own way in life with the benefits that their work has afforded me.