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Adelia Bromley

Adelia Bromley, raised in an orphanage in Chicago, after her troubadour mother decided a child with a deformity was more than she could deal with on the road.  The musician visited every other year and sent letters now and again, but was otherwise absent.  Her father was one of the notorious Whateleys from the Appalachians, but Adelia has only recently...

Palladius Rhycer

Human Monk Level 5   One Unique Thing: Has begun to see and hear ghosts   STR 14 (+2) DEX 19 (+4) CON 12 (+1) INT 12 (+1) WIS 16 (+3) CHA 10 (+0)   Backgrounds: Martial Artist +3 Mendicant Brother of the Saffron Tabernacle +3 Speaks to Ghosts +2   Icon Relationships: Great Gold Wyrm - Positive 2 Lich...


Blackhawk                     EXP:17   Solo D6 Buddy D10 Team D8     Distinctions: 1.Hero in Training 2.This will Work..I think 3.Birds Eye View     Power Set 1: Hawkman Gave Me These   Hawk Suit D10      Gravity Hammer D10          {SFX} All You Did Was Get...

Rasputin "Raz" Doski, the Infernal

Raz face
Name: Rasputin "Raz" Doski, The Infernal (Wes) Look: Distant, empty eyes Origin: Last-Chancer   Hot -1, Cold -1, Volatile 1, Dark 2   Moves: Soul Debt: Name a dark power that you owe a debt to. (The Connoisseur) Choose two Bargians that it has made with you. It can hold Strings against you. Whenever it collects 5 Strings against you,...

Supergirl/Kara Zor-El

Supergirl Affiliations: Solo d6, Buddy d8, Team d10 Distinctions: Teenage Ditz of Krypton “Make It Count, Kara!” Tougher Than She Looks   Power Sets:   Kryptonian Physiology   Godlike Strength d12 Heat Vision d10 Superhuman Flight d10 Superhuman Stamina d10 Superhuman Durability d10 Superhuman Senses d10 Enhanced Reflexes d8 Space Flight d6   SFX:   Invulnerable: Spend a PP to...

Kid Squid / Robby Reynolds

Squid  ii1
Kid Squid Solo D10Buddy D6Team D8 Distinctions:1. Slippery2. Under Pressure3. Surf and Turf Power Set 1: Squid Suit Strength D8  Durability D10   Projectiles D8       Swimming D12  Water Resistance D12   Sensors D10 Power Set 2: The Suit Doesn't Make The Man Genius Intellect D10 {SFX} Divert Systems Power: Use two or more Squid Suit powers in a single dice pool at...


  • Player: Ian Hynd
  • Medeas is an agonizingly beautiful pirate prince whose bounteous wealth is derived from her adoring admirers and vicious conquests.

    Rax Veir

    Race: Human Career: Soldier Specialization: Commando Duty: Combat Victory 20 Group Duty: 70 Motivation: Glory Homeworld: Brentaal IV Wound Threshold 15 Strain Threshold 13 Soak 3/5 Current XP: 0 XP Total XP: 165 XP   Characteristics:  Brawn 3 Agility 3 Intellect 2 Cunning 2 Will 3 Presence 2   Skills: Athletics 2 Brawl 1 Knowledge (Warfare) 1 Melee 2 Pilot...


  • Player: Maeve K
  • Group Credits/Budget: 330   ---    Base resources credits: 2375  


  • Player: Kyrros
  • Two-BeeOne holds the belief that sufficiently advanced droids are as equal or even more capable of sentience than organics are. To be inorganic and sentient but possesed as property is equivalent to organic slavery.   Two-BeeOne regards his fellow droids as potential sentients but knows that some will not exceed the sum of their programming. 


  • Player: Clyde Melson
  • MX-87 Race: Droid Career; Engineer Specialization: Sabateur Duty;10 Motivation: Justice/Vengence   Wounds Threshold 15+Brawn Strain Threshold 15 +Willpower XP;0   Career Skills Mecanics 2 Computers 3 Skullduggry 3 Piolting (Space) 1 Vigalnce 1 Perception 2 Stealth 2 Ranged (light) 2     Brawn 2 Agility 3 Intellect 4 Cunning 3 Willpower 1 Presence 1     XP; Talents Grit +1...

    Richard Rawlings: Lionheart

    Richard rawlings
  • Premium label
    Player: Tolly Gipson
  • Values, Value Statement   Duty:            D4    I do what I want Glory:           D10   Best believe I am the Best Love:            D8    Ladies Love Lionheart Power:          D10  King of Any Jungle Community:  D6   If I need you I'll Let you know Ethics:          D4   I make My Own Rules ***************************************   Relationships: Name (die rating), Relationship Statement   1. Marcus Toynbee,...

    Zachary Bischoff The Vampire

    Zachary Bischoff The Vampire Intense with Pained Eyes Newly Reborn Origin Hot +1, Cold +1, Volatile +0, Dark -1 Hypnotic The Feeding

    Sam Wrinkle

    Sam wrinkle
  • Player: John Shep
  • Sam Wrinkle runs a Pawn Shop