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Lily Foss, Unicorn

Lily foss
Look: trick of the light, modest eyes    Origin:  BlessedPeople should never:  lie, swear, bully, make someone cryHot         1Cold        0Volatile    1Dark       -1Integrity   0StringsConditionsMovesWith IntegrityYou judge your own actions harshly, holding yourself to a high moral standard. You have a fifth stat to reflect this, which starts at zero and can climb to 3. Gain a point of Integrity when     you...

Daisy Foss, The Mortal

Name: Daisy Foss Look: beautiful with darting eyes Origin: kid next door Stats: Hot 2, Cold 1, Volatile -1, Dark 1 Sex Move When you have sex with someone, trigger their Darkest Self.   Darkest Self Nobody understands you, or even wants to. They’d rather you disappear. Well, you’re not going to disappear. You’re going to make life a living hell...

CJ, The Neighbor

Name: Caitlyn Jackson, aka CJ Look: easy-going with smiling eyes Origin: person next door Stats: Hot 1, Cold 0, Volatile 1, Dark -1 Move Mixed Messages Whenever you're alone with someone, decide if you're attracted to them or not. - If you are, tell them why you can't be together and roll to shut them down, adding 1 to the...

Red, the Maestro D'

RedThe Maestro D'Look: Woman, vintage wear, expressive face, bright eyes, restless body, playful handsStats:Cool: 0Hard: +1Hot: +2Sharp: +1Weird: -1Moves: You Call This Hot? - When you do something under fire, roll +hot instead of +cool. Fingers in Every Pie - Put out the word that you want a thing - could be a person, could be somethin' somethin', could even be just a...

Soshi Yuriko

Soshi yuriko 5
Storyteller Character     How would others describe your character’s appearance? A red and silver half mask, delicately painted with cherry blossoms, hides her elegant features. She is dressed in fine robes of ebony black and blood-red silk, the Soshi mon emblazoned over her heart. A silver amulet bearing the symbol of an eye hangs about her neck, often tucked...

Sam Harris

Hot: 2 Cold: -1 Volatile: 1 Dark: -1   Uncontainable Howl at the Moon

Kaz Gallamby

Kaz is a former smuggler and slicer who's given up his old ways and works in Cobalt City as a technician, repairing droids and other computer problems throughout the town. He still works closely with Gar Fellis, an old associate from the smuggling game, who is the local mining guild's leader.

Nikki Lau

Background: Grew up as an heir to a family fortune of dragon baubles, turned it into a nice little Hong Kong Technology firm called Soaring Cloud Technologies. Also, is a dragon in human form.Melodramatic Hook: Had an important personal item stolen from her during a big heist, and intends on getting it back as soon as possible. Not afraid to...

Megan Gwynn, aka "Pixie"

Megan Gwynn, aka Pixie   Origin: Gifted Upbringing: Troubled Attitude: Curious Ambition: To Succeed Mutant-Power Reaction: Embraced Niche: Outsider   Values Duty, A Time and Place for Everything- d8 Power, Learning It, Loving It- d8 Love, Is Pain, Or Can Be- d8 Glory, Other Things Matter More- d8 Community, Need To Find My Place- d6 Ethics, They Can Get In The Way- d6   Asset Impulsive d4...


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    Player: Magnus
  • RUM Real Name:   Jonathan Alan Feynman Background:   Cyberized Role:   Warrior Level:   Warrior 1 / Expert 1   ABILITIES   STR+1 DEX+2 CON+3 INT+0 WIS+0 CHA+0 Initiative+8 Dodge+3 Parry+2 Base ATT+1 Ranged ATT+3 Melee ATT+3 TOUG+7 FORT+2 REFL+0 WIL+0 Conviction3 Reputation+1 CoreDetermination   SKILLS   Drive+2+2 Gather Info+2 Notice+2 Search+2 Sense Motive+2 Stealth+2+2   FEATS   Identity...

    Josie, The Brainer

    Name: Josie Look: Woman Clinical Wear Sweet Face Deep Eyes Slight Body Stats: Cool +3 Hard +2 Hot +1 Sharp +1 Weird +3   Moves Deep brain scan: when you have time and physical intimacy with someone — mutual intimacy like holding them in your arms, or 1-sided intimacy like they’re restrained to a table — you can read them...

    Rémy Montrosier

    Rémy MontrosierType: SpyMelodramatic Hook: Tracking down the criminal gang that poisoned his wife so he can find the antidote in time to save her life.StatsGuns 14Martial Arts 14Defense 14Toughness 7Fortune 7Speed 7SchticksIntegrated Training: Add +1 to Guns if your previous attack used Martial Arts. Add +1 to Martial Arts if your previous attack used Guns.Scoped Out: Add +1 to Guns,...


    Name: Hourglass Origin: The Future Working Towards: Redeeming Myself Drive: Lead Nemesis: Chronon, Hourglass's younger self in the present, and Mercury, the younger version of her brother in the present   I came back to the future to... stop my past self and my brother from dooming humanity. The future I come from is... in a word, doomed. It is only a matter...