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Yearning, The Solace

Name: Yearning Look: Ambiguous Gender          Casual Wear          Lovely Face          Piercing Eyes          Small Body         Stats: Cool 0, Hard-1, Hot+2, Sharp+1, Weird+1 Moves ·         Disarming presence: when you want to disarm a charged situation, start speaking or singing and roll+hot. On a hit, no one...


Fenris 4
FENRIS (Axl Achachak Christensen) Created By: Magnus First Appearance: Redemption- Revolution by Evolution (July 2013) Role: Animal Guy, Defender of Nature, Occult Slayer Group Affiliations: The Roughnecks, S.H.I.E.L.D. PL 11 (180) STRENGTH 3/6 STAMINA 3/7 AGILITY 3/7 FIGHTING 2 DEXTERITY 0 INTELLIGENCE 4 AWARENESS 2 PRESENCE 0   Skills: Close Combat (Claws) 9 (+11) Expertise (Science) 5 (+9) Expertise (Occult/Supernatural)...

Maggie Yates

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    Player: June Garcia
  • Primary Attributes Body ... 2 ... Charisma ... 2 Dexterity   2   Intelligence   5 Strength   2   Willpower   3 Secondary Attributes Size ... 0 ... Initiative ... 7 Move   4   Defense   4 Perception   8   Stun   2 Talents: Skill Mastery (Academics), Jack of All Trades (ignore -2 penalty for untrained, can...

    Gavril Brasovi

    Richard armitage
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    Player: Michael Garcia
  • Blood +2 Heart +1 Mind 0 Spirit -1 Mortality 1, Night 2, Power -1, Wild 1 Male, muscular body, intense eyes, scared hands   Moves: Eternal Hunger, Cold-Blooded, Irresistible

    Adelia Smythe

    Adelia Bromley, raised in an orphanage in Chicago, after her troubadour mother decided a child with a deformity was more than she could deal with on the road.  The musician visited every other year and sent letters now and again, but was otherwise absent.  Her father was one of the notorious Whateleys from the Appalachians, but Adelia has only recently...

    Red, the Maestro D'

    RedThe Maestro D'Look: Woman, vintage wear, expressive face, bright eyes, restless body, playful handsStats:Cool: 0Hard: +1Hot: +2Sharp: +1Weird: -1Moves: You Call This Hot? - When you do something under fire, roll +hot instead of +cool. Fingers in Every Pie - Put out the word that you want a thing - could be a person, could be somethin' somethin', could even be just a...

    Key, The Angel

    Name: Key Look: Woman Casual Wear Plus Utility Kind Face Clear Eyes Sturdy Body Stats: Cool -1 Hard +1 Hot 0 Sharp +2 Weird +2   Moves Infirmary: you get an infirmary, a workspace with life support, a drug lab and a crew of 2 (Shigusa & Mox, maybe). Get patients into it and you can work on them like a...

    Shiba Toshiro

    Toshiro discovered he was destined to be a Shiba yojimbo when he found his grandfathers daisho set hidden in his parents home. The spirit of his grandfather lingered within the swords after a disgraceful seppuku and it instructed him to seek out training. Having no previous knowledge of his heritage or prior samurai training Toshiro struggled until he met another...

    Isawa Kenichi

      Isawa Kenichi is young of face but one look into his wise dark eyes reveals the true age of his soul. He holds the rare ability of ishi, a shugenja with an affinity for the element of void, and was trained by his grandfather from a young age. He has since trained as an Isawa Tensai, shugenja who have...

    Octasia Laemus

    Octasia laemus
    Name: Octasia Laemus, formerly Linnias Nazario Class: Turian Rebel Look: Female; Leviathan Armor; Painted face; lean body Background: ComplicatedAdvanced moves: Charm (paragon)Current cause: Liberate the Leviathan's thralls Cool 3 Hard 2 (Crippled) Sharp -2 Paragon 3 [ ] [ ] [ ] Renegade 0 [x] [x] [ ] Cause – You always have exactly one Cause, typically in opposition to...

    Stanwyck Gilles

    Name: Stanwyck Gilles Class: Mage (Level 6) Race: Human Background: Circle Mage   Abilities  Communication 1 Focus: Etiquette   Constitution 2 Focus: Stamina   Cunning 2 Focus: Arcane Lore, Healing   Dexterity 1   Magic 4 Focus: Creation Magic, Spirit Magic   Perception 1   Strength 1   Willpower 3 Focus: Self-Discipline   Defense 11 Armor 0 Speed   11 Charge 5 Run 5 Health 54 Mana 57  ...

    Soshi Yuriko

    Soshi yuriko 5
    Storyteller Character     How would others describe your character’s appearance? A red and silver half mask, delicately painted with cherry blossoms, hides her elegant features. She is dressed in fine robes of ebony black and blood-red silk, the Soshi mon emblazoned over her heart. A silver amulet bearing the symbol of an eye hangs about her neck, often tucked...

    Jonah Hilton

    Jonah Hilton Veteran Weird Scientist   Attributes Agility d8 Smarts d10 Spirit d6 Strength d6 Vigor d6   Skills Guts (Spirit) d6 Fighting (Agility) d6 Healing (Smarts) d6 Investigation (Smarts) d6 Notice (Smarts) d8 Persuasion (Persuasion) d4 Riding (Agility) d4 Repair (Smarts) d6 Shooting (Agility) d8 Spell-Casting- Blast, Armor, Quickness- Weird Science (Smarts) d10   Other Charisma -1 Pace 6...

    Cassandra Comnenoducai

    Cassandra comnenoducai 2
  • Player: Erin Miller
  • Cassandra Comnenus, of the House of Hohenstaufen, chylde of Ducas, chylde of Septima Dominica, chylde of Antonius, chylde of VentrueShe is a daughter of the House of Hohenstaufen, a dynasty of the Holy Roman Empire, and wife of a Byzantine Emperor of the Comnenus line. The name Comnenoducai is a blend of the surnames Comnenus and Ducas. Ducas is not...

    Rax Veir

    Race: Human Career: Soldier Specializations: Commando, Infiltrator Duty: Combat Victory 0 Group Duty: 0 Contribution Rank: 4 Motivation: Glory Homeworld: Brentaal IV Wound Threshold 15 Strain Threshold 16 Soak 3/6 Current XP: 12 XP Total XP: 507 XP Earned XP: 397 XP   Characteristics:  Brawn 3 Agility 3 Intellect 2 Cunning 3 Will 3 Presence 2   Skills: Athletics 2...