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Yallan T'ziir bar-Porann

  • Player: Ryan Hale
  • D&D4e
  •  Dib          Bear Animal Companion   HP: 14 AC 13     Fort 15     Ref 11     Will 15 Speed 6          Low-Light Vision  TRAITS   Guardian Companion  *  Aura 1 Allies Gain a +2 power bonus to all defenses while in the aura.  STANDARD ACTIONS  Animal Attack  ABILITY SCORES  Str 20   Con 17   Dex 12   Int 2   Wis 16   Cha 6  OTHER INFO  Benefits...


    Like most Eladrin, Enekeshmadaar is aloof, superior, and condescending; and he has a grumpy, dour streak that would give most dwarves a run for their money.  Like most bards he is outgoing, but only when he needs to be.  He doesn't need or want to be the center of attention; but when he does feel the need to speak, those...