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Session 1/2 Journal Entry

The slender figure crouches, humming as long fingers sketch in the dirt under the light of the sun.  The first drawing completed is of Stile. He is frowning. A thin line like tears runs down the cheek. Whatever else the man is, he is a father who has been confronted...

Memories and Creating Beauty

  • Magpie, the Skinner
  • Aug 27, 2015
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  • Magpie walks around her ruined studio, moving all the broken pieces into a pile in the middle of the room.  Her thoughts go back over the last few days. So much happens in so few days.  Been made a major move against Red.  Not just objecting, but actively interfering.  Harming. ...

    Session 6 Journal Entry

    Report to Inquisition- Lady Nightingale As promised, more information about The Last Moon. The cult  was founded by Issus Eyras, an apostate mage from the Cumberland Circle. He was the one who had prepared Aleena’s medicines. Pauli had been assisting in set up some of the tents, especially the mainline,...

    Session 5 Journal Entry

    Notes on Pyrex I made the decision to move everyone to Kane’s stronghold, taking what supplies we could with us. I didn’t have the chance to secure my infirmary. Things are replaceable; people are not. It was the right decision. To my surprise, I didn’t lose any of my patients....

    Episode XIII - Paths of Destiny

    After they return from reconnaisance on the secret testing facility, Kentas and Var'ath are told about a priority mission on another world. A Rebel base on the volcanic world Obas is in desperate need of cooling equipment and their cell is the closest available team with access to a hyperspace-capable...

    Session 28 Journal Entry

    Polly, I have the energy to write again and tell you about the rest of the wedding. After I delivered the arrow, Hecate took her leave. When I kissed her hand, the same one that was on mine appeared there. I had not intended or expected that. Eros’ black arrow...

    Gametable restoration complete, updated

  • Premium label
  • Aug 24, 2015
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  • dev blog
  • Done! And a day early, to boot. Please report any anomallies.      Update: Aaaaaand, not so fast. I borked an fstab entry, so we'll be offline while I fix that.  Update: Fixed! Lessons: make sure to include 'nofail' to fstab entries, and ffs, test the damn file with 'mount...

    Session 17 Journal Entry

    Dear Journal, For every high there is a low. I was still reveling from everything about dinner when I went to my little clearing to summon Mephisto. He was not in a good mood. The meager samples I’ve been able to gather aren’t enough. I am going to need more....

    Session 26 Journal Entry

    Sister Mary, Why did you not let us know you were sending an acquaintance to meet us? It would have smoothed things over a bit. Nevertheless I had the pleasure (somewhat dubious) of meeting Hinto during the post-wedding festivities while I was getting better acquainted with Adelia’s mother. (Have you...

    Session 1 Journal Entry

    I do not know if this will serve any purpose other than practicing my English but if nothing else it will be good for that. Waya and I had heard rumors that the marauders who had plagued us were on the move. It was a good thing we decided to...

    Gametable restorations, udpate

  • Premium label
  • Aug 23, 2015
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  • dev blog
  • Hello all, Backing data files (RSOs) have been acquired and uploaded. Assets (images) will be pushed up tomorrow. We are on track for a Tuesday completion.  This may not be obvious, so I'll say it now: These actions will revert all tables to the state they were in on Aug...

    Session 5 Recap

    In the morning, Red goes to bring Rosie to Hugo and Exit. The younger woman is more than willing to watch Rosie for the day (and night) but she seems uncertain about taking Rosie in permanently if anything happens to Red. However, she does agree. Mox is willing and able...

    Gametable restorations, ETA Tuesday

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  • Aug 22, 2015
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  • dev blog
  • Field trip! I need to pull some files off the decommissioned gametable server to restore the gametables. So I'm off to the data center tomorrow. The ETA for full recovery is Tuesday, Aug 25th.  The gametable server is name Romer, after this sick fuck.  Romer, the numbers: 2x Xeon Quad Core 5335...

    Episode XXV: Opposing forces

  • Star Wars: Crasher Squad
  • Aug 21, 2015
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  • Crasher Squad fresh from escaping the dreaded modified CR90 Corvette 'Score Keeper' with Doctor Page in tow. The Lost Prophet crewed by Crasher Squad managed to escape to hyperspace before the Imperials were able to seize the ship. After a few micro hyper space jumps they were able to communicate...

    A Detention and an Essay

      Aveline sat in the windowless room, biting her lip thoughtfully. It was early afternoon, but one really couldn’t tell in the dreariness of the detention room. The incident with Hellion on the previous day had gotten her an afternoon of detention, and an essay to write. Aveline looked at...

    Chapter Six - Day of the Dynamiter

    Dr. Yates and her companions explore an ancient room beneath the ruins of the Temple of Luxor, finding clues related to the search for Aztlan. Jake spots a suspicious cargo truck parked outside and sees that the passenger is keenly observing the spot from a distance. Maggie is fixated on...

    What's Gone Down Is I've Grown Up

  • Miss Scarlett Upshaw
  • Aug 19, 2015
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  • Rather a lot has transpired since I last had a moment to myself to think. And to be quite truthful rather a lot about my feelings and my thoughts have changed in that time. And I’m well aware that this… new reality is not particularly safe for us, it seems...

    Session 5 Journal Entry

    Report to Inquisition- Lady Nightingale I understand. Your insights and advice will be welcome. Duri is sending the evidence she collected (certain letters and the signet ring of Lord Malecot) during our stay to you regarding Lord Arenthal and his connections. She’d taken the opportunity to procure it during our...

    Disillusionment Is Such a Bitter Nectar

      Disillusionment, noun: A feeling of disappointment resulting from the discovery that something is not as good as one believed it to be   Aveline sat on the rooftop of the school still wearing her evening gown and gloves, eyes half closed. The cool night air caressed her face, her...

    Journal 5

    To: Grandma and Granddad <> From: Aiden <> Re: Banquet!   I got to have dinner with Professor Charles Xavier!  We were put at the head table and he actually talked with me!  I hate to act like a star-struck fan, but this man is super important to mutant acceptance...