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    Session 2 Recap

    Dear reader, It has been some time since I’ve written. I will hit the highlights of what’s transpired in the lives of our merry band of “heroes.” (They have a bit to go before I can safely remove those quotation marks, I think.)   We begin this epistle with Emily and...

    Custom Moves

  • Urban Shadows
  • 20 hours ago
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  • Chase Someone Down: When you chase someone down, roll with Blood. On a 10 up, you corner them in a private place. On a 7-9, you catch up with them but choose one: They gain a debt on you You cause a big scene Now they have help Help: When you act...

    Time to Hit the Mall

  • Shadowrun 4E: Seattle
  • 23 hours ago
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  • //begin audio attachment - 13 aug 2072// Flight was nice. Mansion was nice. Those women were.. very nice. I had absolutely no idea that goblin women could do that with their tongues. That's all I'm gonna say on that just in case some enterprising decker gets into my personal files...

    Session 1 Journal Entry

    Ma and Da, Beelzy tried to warn me. Maybe I should have listened. I owe him my life and lately I don’t think I’ve been repaying him like I should. I should have either stopped for only a few days and moved on or approached the person in charge a...

    Pre-Game Notes, Session 13

  • Urban Shadows
  • 2 days ago
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  •   The driest September in over 50 years came to an abrupt end this weekend, as thundery storms saw parts of Britain waking up to flash flooding this morning. Lashings of rain flooded some tube stations in London and left major roads blocked in the south of England. Meanwhile, lightning strikes...

    Session 4 (Season 2) Journal Entry

    Dear Journal, This may be a brief entry compared to some of the others, which is not necessarily a bad thing. It was so wonderful to spend time with Hector, away from all the pressures and expectations of the others. (Except what was there in my head. I don’t know...

    Get Lost in Selfish Thoughts

  • Igigi "August"
  • Sep 20, 2014
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  • If I had not reached Jessica's condo, I would feel far differently about my evening. As it is, I'm somewhat puzzled. Though also? Somewhat concerned and also... Relieved. I feel this is most likely the "real" one... However... The "fake"? She did sacrifice herself to guard Lia... This must mean...

    Session 12 Journal Entry

    Mother, Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond to your e-mail. Things were as quiet as they could be for me after the scare for a while. Until very recently, in fact. It started with a dream. My window exploded and then I saw his massive eye peering in...

    Rescue Mission

  • Enkara/Irenic/Bob Wilson
  • Sep 20, 2014
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  • I am disconnected. It's been fifty years. These old bones of Bob Wilson ache. They are slow. They lack power. But more than anything else? I am no longer sharp. I am a dulled blade. My confidence did not pay off tonight. Did we succeed in our objectives? Yes. Did...

    By The Sea, With Daphne Episode 501: Howdy College (Session 1)

    Hey, it's Daphne.Sorry, it's been a while, but as you'll hear there have been some BIG changes. So big, I need your help to rename this podcast. Leave your questions and comments below - and don't worry it's all anonymous unless you're an asshat. Then I'm totally going to find...

    Session 1

  • Amy Mist's D&D 4e game
  • Sep 18, 2014
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  • 159+21316119+2Mountain Lion13 HPFiendish monstrous Millipede,_Medium_(3.5e_Creature)   --- It was a chance encounter if ever there was one. Vinok the halfling rouge had managed to steal a prized necklace from the Queen herself, though not without alerting the guards to his presence. He fled, encountering one Bralin Ulveren, a cleric who...

    Session Twelve: The Ardent Crown

    Alpha Squad disembarks from the safety of their Chimera APC and descends into the bowels of the shipwrecked cruiser that has slammed into Hive Solace. They begin their search for the engine room where the main reactors are located, moving into a large cargo hold closer to the aft section....

    Session 1

    Read while listening to : Dear Brother- You were the only other one I could ever confide in.  You were my only friend.  I do wish that things had turned out differently, but that will never make it so.  Your blood condemned me while you never could.  You held hope...

    Session 9 Journal Entry

    Dear Diary, Never free, never free. I’ve been in bondage my entire life—to my body, to her, to my addictions, and now… now to Him. I wish I could have just died. All I’ve ever wanted is to be free, to be my own master as much as anyone in...

    Movies in the Key of Accursed

    Here's a short list of some movies that I think do a good job of representing what Accursed is about. Viewing any of these is not required, but if you're curious about the sorts of things that will influence my take on the setting, it couldn't hurt to track one...

    Future Badness (A Preview of Sesion 2)

      Wash confront Canker in Wayfarer commons. A gloved hand hovers over a pistol. Spector gets a visit from a surly old grease monkey, "I see ya fixed up my place." Spider has a talk with Roma, "No one here matters, except that girl.... and you." Kay looks through a...

    Episode XXII - Scavengers of the Outer Rim

    Elaiza speaks with the heroes about her deal with Var'ath, then gives them some details on the favor she'd like them to do for her. She is still in search of a replacement corusca gem for her lightsaber, and she has learned of an isolated and paranoid former shipping magnate...

    Session 14 Journal Entry

    Dear Father, Again, it has been some time since my last letter. You will understand when I explain about what happened with the Drake Gang and the train. In some of the time we had left to us, I began to modify my normal weapon since I had the time...

    From Tony’s Workshop: Five Ways to Kick Ass

  • We Are Iron Man
  • Sep 15, 2014
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  • Iron Man, MHRPG
  • * Two spaces still open for this two-session game * Hulkbuster Armor Dr. Banner has been helping design this extra-strong armor for Stark “just in case.” It is huge and massively strong, but clumsy and prone to collateral damage. Transforms into a jet-fighter! Never tested on Hulk.      ...

    Episode XXI - Flight to Freedom

    Kentas and Var'ath fight their way past ruthless slavers and hired guns as they try to escape Derutal. They accompany the Rebel agents Thila and Matt Talon as they escort a group of freed slaves, including Var'ath's sister. Kentas' old friend Landon - already badly wounded - is hit again...