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The People Who Matter

  • Redemption Rail Blues
  • 2 hours ago
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  •   "You don't know who you're $&%#ing with...but you'll soon find out." Roma: Ice cold, steel blue eyes, rarely smiles, and when she does, it's pretty cruel. Wears a raw leather jacket with thousands of key's sewn in for armor, tight leather pants, and carries a 9mm in her shoulder...

    End Moves

  • Urban Shadows
  • 6 hours ago
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  • Immortal When you die (for real) or retire your character, you may choose a character and reveal to them that you are their ancestor or somehow related to them. If they are a PC, they may select Immortal moves from advancements as if they were from their own archetype. Does...

    Session 11 Journal Entry

    Dear Mom, Before I get to the real point of this particular letter, I suppose I should continue to explain what happened during my time with IS. I was shown into this cell with clear glass walls. It was all but empty except for a cot, a chair, and a...

    Session Eleven: Falling Star

    The 1st Aerial Assault Chrysopelea spends some weeks helping with the destruction of the last resistance to the Imperium on the Star Fort Lycurgos. The remnants of the Chaos cultists and Severan Dominate forces quickly fall and leave the facility in the hands of the Imperial Army and Navy. After their...

    A Stressful Morning

    When I got up this morning, the last thing I expected was to find out that the antique shop had been robbed, but that's exactly what happened. Mr. Landers had apparently sent numerous messages about it, and when I called him back he was really flustered. I was getting ready...


  • Shadowrun 4E: Seattle
  • Aug 30, 2014
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  • //begin audio attachment - 28 aug 2072// Maybe I was a little hard on my team. I've never really failed at anything before and while the mission did succeed it was too close to a phyrric victory for comfort.. and I guess I must have panicked a bit. I'll have...

    Dirge Poem for a farmer discovered dead in his house

  • Void
  • Aug 29, 2014
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  • Your eyes are now closed You may find peace on the Wheel Sleep now, good farmer.

    On the Wall

  • Rollo Raim
  • Aug 29, 2014
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  • “I thought the wizards of Arcanus were smart!  Apparently, they weren’t smart enough to send me someone with a rifle.  You’d think these mechanical geniuses would figure that The Wall should be defended at range.” Raim 3, the third android constructed by the noble house of Raim, pulled his pistol...

    A piece without a puzzle.

  • Adamek Var
  • Aug 28, 2014
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  • He had never fit...anywhere. Even from birth that was obvious.  He had killed his mother in coming into the world.  No human woman could have survived his birth.  He was more boulder than baby.  His father certainly did not care to have this grey lump to fit into his now...

    Episode XX - The Slavemasters of Zygerria

    The Lost Fortune arrives in the Chorlian sector over the planet of Zygerria, home to the infamous Zygerrian Slavers Guild. The crew decides to land at the starport of Kadavo, one of the planet's largest cities, and seek out work and information on Var'ath's sister An'ath. Kentas is familiar with...

    Session 3 Journal Entry

  • Owen Reece
  • Aug 28, 2014
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  • FATE
  • Rhiannon, The next morning also turned out to be a bit exciting. Professor Pensworth texted me about meeting to discuss my grades and tuition, both of which I thought were in good order.  Holiday was in quite a mood. Even so, I promised that I’d come back after I’d met...

    Opening Moves for the Illium Incident, Part 2

  • Mass Effect
  • Aug 28, 2014
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  • Ioudas The mysterious “Kritarch” has revealed himself to you in an attempt to convince you to “put aside our differences and bring justice to the galaxy.” Apparently a team of batarian constables is on Illium right now to support you. Roll +Cool or +Renegade. On a hit, you are able...

    Death Comes to Blacksaddle

  • Eustace Thorn
  • Aug 27, 2014
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  •     Smoke drifted lazily from the darkest corner of the Skullbender Saloon.  It was very late, and the fire had run low in the broad hearth of the emptied establishment, leaving a cowled figure alone with his thoughts.  His thoughts... and other things.  Smoking his favorite long-stemmed pipe helped...

    The Town of Blacksaddle

    The town of Blacksaddle lies on the banks of the Jade Run which is a tributary of the Vruun River.  Blacksaddle is a mining town of about 1800 souls, mostly human, but with a strong contingent of mutants, as well as a few dhampir and half-elementals of various sorts.  Blacksaddle...


  • Enkara/Irenic/Bob Wilson
  • Aug 26, 2014
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  • OOC: For the remainder of the campaign I shall be trying to keep this journals as a way of keeping people up to date with the storyline of the campaign. There will be times where things happen that my character may not know about. I'll be sure to mark those...

    A letter to the First Lady

      November 7, 1962, upon her death, Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt released a series of letters and documents revealing the existence of a secret operation that took place one day before the D-Day Invasion. This operation was conducted with Talents (Superhumans endowed with incredible strength, speed, and/or other powers)...

    Finally (Session 11)

  • Urban Shadows
  • Aug 25, 2014
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  • Paris, Kora and Monica are cursed when they learn the truth about the hero, Jason. Medea cursed him long ago in a way that erased him from history. All of Jason’s exploits are attributed to some guy called “Nestor” in this world. Lena talks with what was left of Jason—a...

    Life, Love and Death (Session 10)

    Moments.Everything changes in spaces of breaths and heartbeats. This morning Inspector Howe, in spectacularly foul mood fired me. Well officially indefinite suspension but I think he told me not to do…anything really. I somewhat deserve it - he knows I’m hiding something. I told him the truth but…I know I’m...

    About Covert Ops

  • Perfidious Albion
  • Aug 24, 2014
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  • Covert Ops
  • This game is going to be run using the Covert Ops RPG from DwD Studios. The PDF of the core rulebook, GM manual, and a collection of premade PCs is available on DriveThruRPG for $9.99, and they have a handful of supplements as well.  The basic mechanics owe a great...

    Session 4 Journal Entry

    Daniel, Our next stop was Rotterdam to visit Koenraad Carman. We spent time gathering more intel about him and his business. Ella was able to take control of his assets while Calvin checked out his security and went to investigate more about the dealings of the country club he patronizes....