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Session 3 (Finale) Journal Entry

(UNOFFICIAL) TRANSCRIPT FROM SESSION 3 OF MNEMOSYNE PROTOCOL ALL- “A penny for my thoughts.” GUIDE #1- “I will help you remember.” DARIONNE- “I remember Beyond the Sea played on the piano.” GUIDE #1- “Was this that weird dinner theater place you worked for a while?” DARIONNE- “Yes, and it was...

Twists and Turns

  • Shadowrun 4E: Seattle
  • 20 hours ago
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  • //begin attachment - 19 aug 2072// Turns out that Lonestar twinkie we rescued is a real blue moon. Who'd have thought there'd be an honest cop in this day and age? Especially one from Lonestar? Not this gato, that's for sure. The Johnson we've been working with just let me...

    The Second Job (Pt 2)

  • Shadowrun 4E: Seattle
  • one day ago
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  • //begin attachment - 18 aug 2072// Will wonders never cease. My team didn't get shot. They didn't shoot anyone. Nothing exploded and nobody died. I didn't think that was possible while transporting a high value target like this. Looks like my star is on the rise and the only way...

    Session 2 Journal Entry

    TRANSCRIPT FROM SESSION 2 OF MNEMOSYNE PROTOCOL DARIONNE- “I remember the excitement of opening night.” GUIDE #1- “Were you and your fiancé performing in a production of Romeo and Juliet?” DARIONNE- “Yes, and we’d left the baby with my sister.” GUIDE #2- “Can you still remember the sound of the...

    Session 7 (Season 2) Journal Entry

    Dear Diary, It’s done, it’s over. Or at least Phase One is. That bitch and the doctor are dead. But I have to wonder. What Dr. Samuels said made it pretty clear there’s more to this. I wish we’d had the chance to get more answers from that bitch and...

    Session Ten: Victory on Lycurgos

    The squad gets their briefing for their next mission; to locate a Chaos Space Marine who has escaped the custody of the traitorous rebels. The ancient and twisted Marine, Warpsmith Arkturian, has been responsible for the corrupting spread of Chaos through the star fort. He is currently working his evil...

    Session 1 Journal Entry

    Dear Dad, The school counselor suggested I try writing to you so here it goes. I’ll start with the mundane stuff. School is going well, I’m maintaining a 3.7 GPA even with the honors classes. I’m one of the top ranked athletes in track and field for our division. I’ve...

    Session 1 Journal Entry

    TRANSCRIPT FROM SESSION 1 OF MNEMOSYNE PROTOCOL DARIONNE- “I remember the sound of music, the press of bodies in rhythm and dizzying lights of a dance club.” GUIDE #1- “Were you on vacation?” DARIONNE- “Yes, and I was celebrating my one-year anniversary with my lover.” GUIDE #2- “Was this the...

    Session 2 (Season 2) Journal Entry

    Dear Journal, Andrea took me back to her old house. She’s always been so good to me. I wonder if I have what it takes to be good to her in response, or if she even wants me to after what she witnessed. She got me set up on a...

    Session 13 Journal Entry

    Dear Father, Repairs of my establishment are well underway and I’ve been so busy overseeing them and attempting to work on my commissions and research… I miss having someone to talk with about these things, someone who can truly understand and appreciate what I am trying to do. After Hector,...

    Dramatis Personae

      Selar: Agent of the Prince of Shadows who is the Seekers current employer. Financed the party's voyage to the Spray and provided a ship registered to Void.   Von-Vexod: Former Captain of the Seeteufel (the ship captured by the Seekers). Pirate and privateer in service to Drakenhall.  She now...

    The Second Job (Pt 1)

  • Shadowrun 4E: Seattle
  • Aug 13, 2014
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  • //begin attachment// //timestamped: 11 aug 2072, 21:48// I've finally received the info packet from the Johnson and after reading through it, I was not expecting this sort of drek run. What'd I do to piss this guy off? My team is supposed to escort the Lonestar guard we extracted to...

    Reporting The Situation To The Baron And Rocking Out At The Markeen Tavern

  • Rifts: Siege On Tolkeen
  • Aug 13, 2014
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  • 1700 hours 19 Jul P.A. 105. In this weeks adventure the party makes their report to Baron Cromwell about what they have found out. After listening to what they have to say the Baron sees that they are paid per the contract and then asks for more help from them....

    Session 10 Journal Entry

    Dear Mom, I actually ended up spending the night at Kora’s. It was nice having some time to hang out with just her. Her place is maybe safer than the flat I share with Paris. She had to go meet with Inspector Howe, which left me there to just hang...

    Session 9 Journal Entry

    Dear Mom, Believe me, I hadn’t forgotten about your situation. Everything I’ve been doing has been working to get you safe again. You all and Paris (who had another polo match and some urgent business come up) are so incredibly important to me, I’d do almost anything so that you...

    Thoughts Upon Earth-6116

    As part of the Avengers: Infinite initiative, I was invited to join Tony Stark and Blade in crossing a bridge through the multiverse. It seems that the alternate Earth designated Earth-6116 was in the midst of a crisis involving the sudden disappearance of all of mankind. We were joined by...

    Loss And Pain

  • Shadowrun 4E: Seattle
  • Aug 12, 2014
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  • //begin attachment - audio recording// //Timestamp: 10 aug 2072, 19:20// Well, I can't say I'm exactly happy with the outcome of the job with those guards being killed.. but we did get the mission completed. I suppose that's the important part. The news has been running stories about the guards,...

    Session 3 Journal Entry

    Further Notes on Mission to Earth-6116 We arrived in Ecuador as close to the site of the SHIELD carrier crash as we could get. We landed in a nearby clearing, almost more of a crater really. The jungle was eerily quiet. The term “teeming with life” often comes to mind...

    Fair is Fair (Session 10)

  • Urban Shadows
  • Aug 11, 2014
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  • The story flashes back to the final match of the polo tournament. Paris leads the Underground team to victory against I.S. by throwing the mortal polo champion (Nacho Figueras) off his game with a sarcastic quip about a supermodel they both used to date. Paris even forgoes the use of...

    This Week in the News

  • Shadowrun 4E: Seattle
  • Aug 10, 2014
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  • //Timestamped: 09 Aug 2072, begin video playback// This is Amy Kan of Horizon News with a breaking story. Two guards are dead and one is missing at the Omnibus Business Space in downtown Tacoma. Early this morning, a number of unauthorized persons entered through the front of the business center...