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    Session 7 Journal Entry

    Hello readers, Another brief update. Thanks so much for continuing to check this out. I survived (literally and metaphorically) speaking another semester! It’s been full of challenges and not just the academic kinds. Things between me and my girl are going well. She’s something special, let me tell you. My...

    The Long Hard Road Out of Hell

      Two weeks have passed since you left Redemption Rail behind you.  During the day, the Iron Gem crawls along the arid and empty wasteland. The sky is steel blue and the earth is white and cracked just like your lips in the dry air. All you can find out...

    Session 2 Journal Entry

    More About Day 64 of “Freedom” Finally a chance to sit down and put some of what’s going on in my head on paper. It helps a bit since there’s no one—not even Reno—I can talk to about all of this. I feel so alone. Sometimes when things are really...

    Tayna's Social Media (Session 1)

    Facebook: Tayna Garrett - 1 second ago OMG! Server went down at the worst possible time! fml Like Comment Share Alteratio Forums: Costumer Service - Bug Reports - Topic: Weird Glitch in Newb Dungeon So, my group was running one of the newb dungeons. Y'know, the one right ouside of the...

    Session Twenty: Lost in the Woods

    The 1st Aerial Assault regiment holds out on a farmstead amidst the outlying areas surrounding the heart of Vasilikos, capital of Warzone Epsilon. Colonel Veers and his command squad come to give them a briefing on a new mission. The plan is to try and drop airborne troops over the...

    The Pansophy of Orcha, Part Three

    I. Morganta fires the rifle, blowing Dahler's leg off. The former farmhand screams horribly as his life blood spills onto the ash heap. Finn shocks the largest Iron Mold Sister into submission, and the warband quickly dispatches the other masked and hooded cultists with lasgun and sniper fire. Raevan uses...

    Immortal (Session 7)

    "I'm forever chasing after time, But everybody dies, dies. If I could buy forever at a price, I would buy it twice. Twice." -Marina and the Diamonds The night is over. I only recall feeling this way once before. Rigor mortis had set in, making my young and beautiful body...

    Chapter Eight: Twice Upon a Time in China

    A Golden Harvest Production     Burning Legends Starring     Charlie Yaou    Gabriel Zhao   Meiling Wu   Sam Huang    Guest Starring   Jet Li   Rosamund Kwan   Max Mok   Raymond Cho   Bo Huang   Billy Chow   Ji Chun Hua   Ngai Sing...


    I have sinned. This is nothing new. I have constantly fallen short, due either to my weakness or my pride. It is easy to admit weakness, to say that my faith was not strong enough to resist the temptations of this world. Pride, however, is a much more devious, illusive...

    Confessions of The Cross

  • Gabriel "The Cross" Zhao
  • Jan 26, 2015
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  •   Grainy audio recording recovered from smart phone with a bullet hole in it from 1850's Shanghai. I am not  a good man. Though I turned my guns on those who would hurt the innocent, I  have no illusion that my actions are heroic. Heroes are men and women of...

    Setting the [Game] Table: Faiths of Northern Primordia

  • Premium label
  • Jan 25, 2015
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  • The Dark Tapestry (outer world)                       MADNESS, TRICKERY, RUNE   The Radiant Orb (sun)                                        SUN, GLORY, HEALING   The Pale Traveler (moon)                                 LIBERATION, TRAVEL, LUCK   The Green Faith (natural world)                       WEATHER, ANIMAL, PLANT   The Devouring Pit (under world)                      DARKNESS, DEATH, DESTRUCTION   The Undying Flame (elemental fire)                FIRE, ARTIFICE,...

    Has Anyone Seen a Three-Headed Dog? (Session 17)

  • Urban Shadows
  • Jan 23, 2015
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  •   Kora is trapped in the body of a Thanatic Guard in the Palace of Hades and the Lord of the Palace is about to return from a long, frustrating search for Persephone. Kora, Poly and Arthur flee the palace before Hades arrives. They take Kora’s unconscious body with them....

    Episode XXXII - The Break of Dawn

    High Inquisitor Tremayne and his ISB entourage question Kara Solaris in a CSA holding cell. Tremayne offers her safety for herself and her father from the depredations of VicePrex Lein if they agree to come with him to his waiting Star Destroyer. He sees potential in her and does not...

    battle report

  • Premium label
  • Jan 22, 2015
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  • Hello all! What I got done today: Event user listsActiveRecord_Relation -> Model Deprecated rails function rewrites   The QA list is daunting, yet shrinking: Comments work, but don't display until reloadjquery move-inasset pipeline configpaypal integrationfacebook integrationcalendar popupstinymce config, photo uploadsdeprecated ajax callsuser notification   And once that's all pushed out, then...

    The Scourge of the Northmen

    Even the howling winds of autumn could not disturb Davin Kell as they swept in off the sea.  The elfblooded knight sat brooding in his seat before the raging hearth in his great hall, much as he had every night for the last twenty years.  He gazed silently into the...

    Session 4 Journal Entry

    It’s been a busy two weeks! I’ve been establishing myself as Max’s new second lieutenant. Cas has not made it easy, not that I expected him too. He is jealous of how warm Max has been towards me lately. I don’t want to let him or anyone down. I am...