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Session 4

  • Caine Farmer
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  • Winebrook
  • Listen while reading: Dear Brother,                 There is much to tell.  I get home and find my stand in at home.  Bill tells me that a girl named Lucy had called the house.  I listen to the message and it is her.  I want to track down my wayward...

    Opening Moves for the End of Khar'Shan

  • Mass Effect
  • 2 days ago
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  • Corvin You, Petra, Brooke and Dana have crashed on the surface of an alien world as a civil war is breaking out. You had to release Brooke from stasis or let her die. Your ally Mersha Garnok is trying to guide you to safety over the planet’s unreliable communication network....

    Session 6 Journal Entry

    Notes on Mission to Earth-8764532 Since Mr. Stark is taking a leave of absence, I suppose it falls to me to take notes for the records of Avengers Infinite. Our mission began when the Bridge opened a portal to a world—Los Angeles in an alternate 1980s— that was farther than...

    Session 3 Journal Entry

    Dear Dad, Mom knows now. She knows about our abilities and that the whole superhero thing was my idea. I didn’t ask Tommy and Mr. Ramos to tag along but I am so glad they have taken up this mantle with me. I am powerful—really powerful—but I don’t think that...

    Session Sixteen: Company Command

    The members of Alpha Squad are gifted with several promotions and honours for their actions on Solace. Most notable among these is the promotion of Imperatrice to the rank of Lady Commissar-Captain, but Adel is also commissioned as a Lieutenant and Arion becomes a 1st Sergeant. As a result of...

    Session Fifteen: The Scouring of the Refugee Camp

    Confessor Blochberger tours the refugee camp with the Chrysopeleans providing protection for him and his retinue. Alpha Squad meets Lieutenant Angilello, the despairing camp commander, a fallen nobleman named Senon Martin, and a somewhat strange priest named Father Aolicious. The troops get a platform built for the Confessor to speak...

    Session 3 Journal Entry

    Ma and Da, There is so much you never got the chance to tell me. So much I never got the chance to ask you. I wish you were here. I wish you could explain just what the hell is going on with me. Somehow I am the key to...

    Chapter Three: Wolf at the Door

    A Golden Harvest Presentation Burning Legends    Starring   Charlie Yaou   Meiling Wu Sam Huang     Guest Starring Neal McDonough Yujin Kim   Jared Robinsen Ng Hey Sin Charlie Young Ricky Yi Fan-Wai   Eun-Kyung Shin   And Special Guest Star Law Kar-Ying as The Fox Written, Produced...

    Chapter Two: Do You Hear the People Sing?

    A Golden Harvest Presentation Burning Legends   Starring     Charlie Yaou Meiling Wu Ruan Ya Lan Sam Huang     Guest Starring Simon Yam Yujin Kim Alan Tudyk Jared Robinsen Julie Estelle and Special Guest Star Keye Luke Written, Produced and Directed by Mike Athey   Hidden Temple Charlie,...

    It's a new day

  • MH - Klamath Academy
  • Nov 17, 2014
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  • A bird flies thru the mountains in Southern Oregon.  It lands on a tree and looks into a window.  A handsome teen smiles flirtatiously at an older woman as she shifts uncomfortably and blushes.  It flutters off to see a very tall girl sitting on her bed and looking at...

    Session 2

  • Sterling VanAcker
  • Nov 17, 2014
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  • I am such a jerk.Patti, Jackson and I were hiking with Mr. Francesco.  Patti was sooo thrilled that I was still going to the dance with her.  What was I supposed to say, that I was only going with her for the sex? That I liked her aggressiveness towards me?...

    Above and Beyond (Session 15)

  • Urban Shadows
  • Nov 16, 2014
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  • Monica, Kora and Arthur attend a private party at the Corinthia Hotel in Whitehall. When they arrive, they observe the children and allies of titans mingling with members of the circles. It becomes clear that the vampire, Percy, is in charge of a conspiracy to summon the titans to London...

    Session 4 Journal Entry

    Cressida, I’d threaten you with a surprise visit but I’ve got too much going on here to make good on that at the moment. But as soon as things are settled, be assured I do intend to come see you again. Please do write me back and let me know...

    A Little About Me

  • Nov 16, 2014
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  • My name is Brandon O'Neil Tucker. I live in Kansas City area and I am an Operational Manager at Petsmart. I love my job and it works beautifully for me as I further pursue my passion in the study of politics!I am also a small business owner in Russellville AR!...

    Session 8 Journal Entry

    Dear Journal, It’s been one of the most interesting days of my life and that is saying something. It started with meeting Banshee for coffee, as is our custom on Saturday mornings. (I am pleased to report that I did feel somewhat better after a good night’s sleep.) We started...

    Session 15 Journal Entry

    Dear Father, I wish I could assure you that by the time receive this letter I will be as alive and well as I was when I wrote it. Sadly I cannot. Hopefully it will find you well and you will appreciate what I am doing and the reasons for...

    Session 15 Journal Entry

    Mother, Well, I am indeed in a position to explain things though as always I am not sure for how much longer. I wish I could remember exactly what had happened at the party. (Polly unfortunately had to deal with her father so she wasn’t able to join us.) It’s...

    Deleted Search history for Ella Grant

  • Isidore
  • Nov 14, 2014
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  • Ballet performances in New York Riots in Greece "children of the stars" Vampires vampires -twilight vampires -twilight -dracula -hbo -sparkle -rice -diaries -bella -doppleganger "space vampires" Comet that hit Athens Johannesburg Beijing St. Petersburg Koenraad Caram BDSM clubs in Rotterdam Crimson Oaks Country Club Social protocols at BDSM clubs Maas...