Characters tagged Assassin



  • Player: Dawson Mullis
  • 7 does not know what has become of the first 12 except himself, and does not know if any were made after 13.  7 looks like a human, but has strength and speed that cannot be rivaled by humans, and limitless potential for improvement. 7 has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and power. His one goal is to obtain all...

    Aqua Aleval (Heartly)

  • Player: Dustin Smith
  • A Half-Drow Assassin trying to make her way in the world while building a future and legacy for her self and those she favors.  Currently running a merc service with a surface elf in a tavern basement in Silverrain City.

    Gwenievere Nichaleir

    Gwen has always been upset with beautfiul noble things because they never lived up to her expectations. She  a beauty that is so rare as to show up once in a generation of a world, but she never flaunts it, never shows it if she can help it, because she feels it would just be a deception, because she beleives...