Characters tagged Mutants and Masterminds



Bug 100
  • Player: Keith Jacobson
  • Quickstep is a speedster that runs around with a red, open trenchcoat, black leggings, a yellow top, and red mask that covers his whole head except for his hair, and lower face.  There is yellow trim on the mask.

    The Terrific Whatzit

    948392 terrific whatzit
      Merton McSnurtle, was an ordinary turtle from Earth-C who became subject of a bet between Prince Highness, the governor of all things good, and Prince Lowness, the overseer of all things evil. To decide an argument about human corruptibility, the Princes bestowed superpowers on McSnurtle. Since McSnurtle was too lazy to give in to temptation, Prince Highness won the...