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Rayya Itani, the Vampire

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    Player: Jeanette K
  • Name: Rayya Itani, the Vampire Look: Smoldering, with hungry eyes Origin: Taken this century Stats: Hot: 2* Cold: 2 Volatile: -1 Dark: -1 Moves: Cold as Ice: When you successfully shut someone down (7-up), you may choose an extra item from the 7-9 list. Inescapable: You may spend a string on someone to demand that they do not walk out...

    Elizaveta Rasputin the Vampire

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    Player: Bry
  • My name is Eliza Rasputin. I’ve been in New York for three years. I’m a violinist in the New York Philharmonic…and a vampire. Last night I went out clubbing with my friends. I tried to feed but something happened. All I remember is an ad for Coney Island. It had a clown. I have to find out what happened to...

    Nathaniel 'Nate' Young

  • Player: Andrew Medeiros
  • Name: Nathaniel Young Archetype: Vamp Look: Male, Muscled Body, Deep Eyes, Weathered Hands   Blood  2 Heart  1 Mind  0 Spirit  0   Mortality 1 Night 1 Power -1 Wild 1   Armor:     Archetype Moves: Eternal Hunger (Human Blood) The Daystar Burns!   Corruption Moves:   Advances:   Root Corruption Move: When you kill a person or when...

    Phillip Ashe

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    Player: Bry
  • Philip Ashe The Vampire Look: Smoldering with hungry eyes.  Origin: Born in 1762. Born to the night in 1779. Hot +1 Cold +2 Volatile -1 Dark -1 Moves: Hypnotic, Marked for the Hunt

    Margaret "Meg" Dandrige

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    Miss Scarlett Upshaw

      Scarlett considers herself to be a proper Southern lady. She prides herself on her family name and her refined manners. She plays dumb and weak nearly all the time, sometimes even without wanting to. She'd prefer to be scoffed at for being an empty-headed little girl than to be called a fearsome abomination. Plus, most of the time it's...

    Sorena (Incubus)

    If one is into dance music and nightclubs, he'll have heard the name. Sorena is one of the world's foremost club DJ's and a pretty boy to boot. Smooth, charismatic, good-looking, and talented, Sorena gathers his fair share of envy. Traveling the world to spin, he has his residency at the renowned Iris Club in Los Angeles. What Sorena does...