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    I'm an illustrator and animator living in Hollywood. While I GM, I find myself doing it more than I'd like to, and I joined up hoping to find more games I can be a player in.

    I currently have access to Fantasy Grounds (GM version), Roll20 and Obsidian Portal (I pay for both those monthly). I'll probably pick up D20 Pro since it seems to be a favorite around here. I've also got some experience with our neato game board here.

    Since I'm a I love making achievements. Check out the ones I've authored and see if you can pick any up! Good luck, because none of them are easy! Achievements should be trophies that are earned hehehe. If you're interested in character art, I'm happy to help but afraid that I just don't have the time to fit it in with my paying clients; I'd have to charge for that now, which is different from how it used to be. But as much as I like drawing, my stomach likes eating even more. I know. It's crazy. These young stomachs today think they know everything, with their loud music and stupid haircuts.

    I'm also sorry to have to bring this up, but I'm here looking for RPing, not a relationship. I recently signed up for a few gaming sites and that topic seems to be mostly what I get. I'm probably too far away for you, I'm probably too old, and flirting's probably just going to make me feel uncomfortable and mess up our game. To that end I'm a little secretive about giving out my info or friending on social sites (internet stalkers are alive and well, I've found out) until I get to know you...and know that you're not trying to secretly seduce me lol.

    I've been on the interwebs since Sandra Bullock tried to trick the world into thinking a hacker could order a pizza from her computer, and I've seen how people's personalities come across online. Especially gaming geeks like us. It doesn't change, it's the same now as it was then. It's made my Wisdom modifier in internet relations very, very high. I'm like a druid really. Where is my bear? I was promised a bear.

    Play Style

    I often make "natural" characters that rely on their own prowess or things they've made instead of spells. In fantasy games I gravitate towards fighter and ranger classes, with humans or dwarves for races. I'm a little Scottish (not nearly enough, but then again few are!) and it's hard to pass up being a dwarf in settings where they're all headbutting and bagpipes. And no...any dwarven women I might play don't have beards!  :D

    I'm not against casters, I just think they're usually too powerful and can do too much. A GM needs a really firm hand with most of them, in my opinion. When I make a caster, I almost always make a specialist to sidestep that issue.

    Most of my characters are built with a theme or gimmick in mind. I've done character design work in the past (for toys...always glaring, never subtle!) and so I tend to mirror physical qualities and gear to their personalities. It's how children's media works and since that's my world, it's hard to break away. That's not to say they're overpowered -- my GM side often throws in penalties, not bonuses, just to spice things up -- but they do tend to be specialized just enough that they can find themselves needing the party's help when their skillset doesn't match the situation. Even my generalists kinda specialize in generalities, as it were, which can lead to the same problem. I've never cared much, myself, since all that children's media training wants me to think the best stories have parties where the members are co-dependent. I'd need some practice making someone good for solo-ing.

    Looking for Group

    I'm mostly looking for fantasy games in D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder, things where I can attempt to grow the same character even if they're one shots, and I'm probably in the market for one superhero campaign too. After those basics I can start looking for less traditional settings, but I'm hoping to scratch these itches first.

    I can play pretty much every Friday night... every other Sunday, day or night... and occasionally on Saturday night, though that one's sporadic because it's date and party night out and about. Week days and nights are sometimes okay, because I work remotely from home, but it would be pretty hard to get consistency there; maybe one shots or short adventures if I have a few days notice to plan my work around it. Of course, with play by post or email I can do it any time throughout the week.

    Here's the types of games I'm hoping to play right now, usually because I've got a specific character concept or two in mind already. Of course I'm happy to make new ones too, check out my characters and you'll see I'm always putzing around with someone new.


    Probably the more traditional the better, and definitely for either D&D 3.5, Pathfinder, or some mixture of the two. I always see options or items for one I wish was in the other. After I get my much needed traditional fix (curse you, Hobbit!) I'd be very happy to branch out into more specific or unique settings. Some ideas off the top of my head are a team of thieves, a team of goblin-kin, medieval superheroes, Hogwart's style wizard university, Naruto or Bleach style personal jutsus, and hardcore realistic "Oregon Trail" style. I think in the right mood, I'd be very happy to slay the boar just to die of dysentery. But that's just me running my mouth, I just mean I'd be happy with weirder settings if I could get at least one genero one in.


    I've got lots of ideas for characters, both serious and goofy, and I'd be willing to play a supers campaign going either one of those directions. I'm relatively new to pen & paper capes, but I played COH/V through its duration and I don't think I'd really have much learning time.

    Treasure Hunters

    I've got Savage Worlds for Fantasy Grounds, and pulp-era stuff is some of my favorite in the world. I really want to play an Indiana Jones style game where rival treasure hunters are recurring, since the Savage Worlds rules were bulit for it, allowing for henchmen to die while heroes and villains often tend to live to fight another day...score could be kept more with which side's getting more artifacts (though I'm certainly not afraid of death). I think I'd probably like to be the shotgun specialist; whenever I pick one up in a video game they're always horrible, but they seem a lot more workable in this system.