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Fourth Session - First case closed.

  We played our fourth session of CthulhuTech and closed our first case.  We started slow, but once things moved along the session was cool.  When the session started, I think we all waited for each other to make a move or to take a decision so we froze a...

Making progress?

We have found Hamed! This time no one was shot. Well there was some gunshots and a freakin explosion, but I guess we are making progress.   I hope something good will come out of all of this and that we are not simply creating new problems. 


[Personal log] Wow being out of the city, all this freespace: no walls, no streets buzzing with peoples, this is scary.  Funny, without the comfort of a sea of buildings around me I kind of understand now what humans mean when they talk about "feeling naked".  But driving at night...

Parole officer

[Send to Donal Warnock] If your parole officer harass you again about doing police "work" for her, just give me a sign and I will give her a call about messing up with my cases. If needed, I will file a complain up her ass and give her a taste of...

Second & third session

  • Jan 22, 2011
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  • I din't post after the second session, I had a busy week and I got a cold.  Our second session was cool. It felt more like a face to face game.  Also my voice chat reception was really good!  But for our third session, two people were absent and my...

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  • Dec 02, 2010

    GMing Burning Wheel in french. Preping Trail of Cthulhu. Having fun with Arkham Horror.

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