Spectrum Games is Participating in Saturday Morning Cartoons!

created at: 03/18/2013


Infrno is very excited to announce that Spectrum Games will be participating in our second event of the year, 'Saturday Morning Cartoons!'

Norbert Franz (who resides in Germany) is one of the editing staff, as well as co-author of 'Cartoon Action Hour', and he will be running a demo of their upcoming release of, 'Cartoon Action Hour 3'.

The Adventure is entitled, 'Warriors of the Cosmos', and it will be an action packed adventure full of cartoony joy!

He is is Germany, so he asked to tweak his time slot a bit. Their demo game will start at 2 CST/3 EST.

Here is the link to his game page:  http://www.infrno.net/publishers/Spectrum-Games/products/Cartoon-Action-Hour-Season-2/games/3543-cartoon-action-hour-3-preview-warriors-of-the-cosmos

 His game will be using Skype for voice, so if you sign up for his demo, please have Skype ready.

Myself and all of us here at Infrno are super pleased to have Spectrum Games join us for the event!


Norbert Franz
  • 20 Mar 14:43

    Hello everyone.
    Thanks Tolly for setting this page up on my behalf. I am looking forward to this opportunity to GM a game for Infrno as well.

  • 19 Mar 11:13

    How I wish I could be a part of this, but will be busy until my session.  Sad, but can't wait to hear more about CAH3!

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  • 18 Mar 23:41

    Awww Man! Have to work! I was hoping for some late night cartoons!!

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  • 18 Mar 23:40


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  • 18 Mar 23:38

    This sounds excellent. 2 AM or PM?

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