Latest Infrno Video: Gen Con 2011 Achievement


Hey Infrnal boys & girls!

As you may have heard we've started our very own YouTube channel – TheInfrnal! We're already posting brand new short videos that highlight how to use the new features we're constantly developing to make Infrno cooler and easier to use.

Gen Con 2011 Achievement

This week, we've added a video that invites you to come by Booth #1053 at Gen Con 2011 to get your very own special Gen Con Infrno Achievement, because we love you and Gen Con so very much! XOXO!

I unfortunately won't be there due to <ahem> commitments, but Mike, Matt, and the Infrno girls will be there – complete with candy, because we play with strangers. :)

Check it out!



  • 10 Aug 03:34

    Shame I was at gencon, but missed the booth


    Brandon Verkennes
  • 08 Aug 15:23

    I registered for this site at Gencon.  I'm still figuring it out.

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  • 29 Jul 19:09

    created at: 2011/07/29

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  • 29 Jul 07:03

    Fantastic news! I for one love candy.

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