Battle Stations! Awwoooooga!!!!

Donnie botched a roll, and has to go under the knife. Come wish him some better luck in the comments!

created at: 2011/09/27


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  • 10 Oct 20:45

    Welcome back!

    All appears normal. Maybe, a little *too* normal, perhaps??


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  • 10 Oct 16:49

    Just to catch up, all is well. Thanks for thinking of me and your good wishes. I'm back at work and mostly recuperated.

    It seems the end of civilization did not come while I was in twilight; take that for good or bad :)

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  • 28 Sep 20:01

    Be well and know that we love you!

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  • 28 Sep 05:32

    Dude, you so better not be a harbinger of the apocalypse. :)

    Hang in there, enjoy the awesome prescription pain meds, and rock this sucker out!

    Be well.

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  • 27 Sep 21:38

    In a citable number of "end of the world" films, D-day comes while the protagonist is in a coma or otherwise laid up and unaware of what has happened.

    I don't REALLY expect the Z-virus to consume humanity while I'm in twilight...but I'm packing my shotgun and nail-bat. Just in case.

    Thanks for the well-wishes, everyone! You guys RAWK!

  • 27 Sep 20:52

    Good luck!  And get well soon!

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  • 27 Sep 19:46

    Aww, don't know ya man, but wishing you extra hero points to use against the "white coats". ;)

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  • 27 Sep 19:39

    Don't grope the nurses, especially the male ones.

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  • 27 Sep 19:38

    Gather yer gear people!! 

    Feel better, Donnie! :D

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