The Chase Begins!

Barab III was a gas giant, most of its atmosphere was poisonous to breath and the pressure on its metal surface core was enough to crush even the largest starships with ease.  Yet, there was a layer of its atmosphere that was made up of oxygen and it was in this layer that a floating gas mining settlement went about its daily business.

Gas platform

“So this guy Mace, how do you know him?” asked Davin Magnus doing his best to keep concern out of his voice.

“It was before we met, we did some, uh business together.” Replied Yadiri offhandedly.

“Business huh?  What kinda business?”

Yadiri shrugged, “You know just business.  I haven’t seen him in a couple of years, it was right after he left the First Order.”

“First Order,” Davin grumbled, “what makes you think we can trust him?”

“Like I said, we’ve worked together before.  You can trust him.  You’ll have to if you want to get that tub of shit you call a ship back.”  Yadiri said with a coy wink.  “Besides, it’s too late we’re here.”

The pair stood before a rundown cantina called the “Thirsty Rancor.”  Davin shook his head, “Well this ‘friend’ of yours is obviously a high roller.”

“Yeah, he’s something else.” Yadiri sighed to Davin’s dismay.  Yadiri smiled to herself, she enjoyed making Davin jelous once in awhile, it made him appreciate her more she thought.  She had only worked with Mace Sevenkiller once, helping him change the energy signature on the old Jumpmaster 5000 he had obviously stolen.  There was also a young girl with him that he said he was trying to return to her family.  Maybe it was a soft spot for the little girl, or maybe it was the highly customized blasters that Mace carried, but she’d agreed to help.  Mace didn’t have the money to pay her then, but he said that he’d return the favor, no questions asked if she ever needed it.

“Something else huh?  Well lets go in, I can’t wait to meet this ‘friend’ of yours.”

The cantina contained every manner of scum and villainy known to the outer rim, but Barab III was just the kind of place these types came to disappear and, in truth, Davin Magnus was no different.  This was his kind of scum.  Yadiri scanned the room and saw Mace sitting alone in a corner booth.

“Been a long time Yadiri, how’s tricks?” asked Mace with a grin.

“What’s that supposed to mean pal?” spat Davin

Mace’s hand dropped out of sight beneath the table, “Who’s this?  You didn’t tell me you were bringing a… ‘friend’.”

Davin’s hand rested on the grip of his own blaster as he eyed the mercenary coldly.  “Take it easy boys, you can compare your ‘blasters’ later.  Let’s talk business.”  Said Yadiri as she dropped into a chair and casually kicked her shapely legs onto the tabletop.

After Yadiri explained their predicament Mace rubbed his chin and said, “So let me get this straight, your boyfriend here owes Olando Lett a lot of credits and he hired that ugly nerf herder Jahddi Dogs to steal his ship to make things even.  Now you want me to help you steal it back?”

“Boy you First Order guys don’t miss anything.”  Grumbled Davin.

“I’m not First Order anymore, but maybe you better just find someone else to clean up your mess just the same.” Growled Mace as he got up to leave.

“Wait, you owe me Sevenkiller, or are you gonna go back on your word?”  Yadiri asked.

Mace’s shoulders slumped as he let out a long sigh.  “Fine Yadiri, I’ll help, but then we’re even.”

Yadiri smiled and Davin Magnus hoped the Nova Errant was worth any trouble that this merc would bring.



 Nar shaddaa1

Nar-Shaddaa was a city planet not unlike Coruscant, but where Coruscant was new and shining Nar-Shadda was old and polluted.  If Coruscant had its dark underbelly, then Nar-Shaddaa was Coruscant turned inside out.  It was literally riddled with crime and corruption and it was ruled by crime lords like Olando Lett.

“I paid you to bring be Davin Magnus, but instead you bring me this, a rusted hulk that is worth more in scrape than as a freighter.” Said the Duros Kingpin.

Jahddi Dogs was not a brave Rodian, certainly not when the odds were stacked against him, but the fear he felt now was palpable and it was washing over him like a Mon Calan tidal wave.  Olando Lett was certainly an intimidating figure, not physically, but because of the power he held on Nar-Shaddaa.  Still this was something more.

Jahaddi Dogs mustered his courage and said, “That rusted hulk means more to Magnus than anything.  He’ll come for it and that’s when I’ll grab him… I swear!”

Lett drummed his long blue fingers on the arm of his chair.  The hum of servos drew Jahddi’s attention to the crime lord’s body guard, an ancient refurbished HK-24 assassin droid that went by the name Null.  That ‘thing’ didn’t move like a normal droid, it’s movements were disturbingly smooth, even graceful, but filled with menace and the promise of death.  “Very well,” Lett finally said, “but you’d better not fail me Dogs.”

“I won’t Olando, sir, I swear you’ll have Magnus or my name isn’t Jahaddi Dogs!” said the mercenary as he scrambled from the crime lord’s audience chamber.

“Follow him, make sure the mission is a success.” Said Lett offhandedly.

“YES MASTER, AS YOU COMMAND.” Came the digitized monotone response as Null silently stalked out of the room after his quarry. 



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