Mister Negative

Martin Li was in the lavish washroom of his Malibu mansion rubbing his head trying to figure a way out of this horrible deal.  Since coming to America he had built a sizeable fortune and reputation in the film industry, producing blockbuster after blockbuster.  He was one of the Hollywood elite, but he had also donated to and championed many humanitarian causes making him even more popular, and envied, among his peers.  However, tonight was different.  Tonight his past had come back to haunt him. 

“You really have no choice Martin, it is my way or death.”  Said a cold voice.  Martin Li looked up and saw the man known in criminal circles as Mister Negative, because his features were that of a photographic negative.

Mister negative

“Why have you followed me here?  I left Hong Kong so that you could have it to yourself, yet that was not enough, you had to follow me all the way to America.” Complained Li.

“You know as well as I that nothing will ever be enough as long as there is more to be had.  In that we are the same.”  Chided the crime lord.

“No!  You and I will never be the same!  I create, you destroy.  I give and you take.  I love and you hate.” Li shot back.

Mister Negative laughed, “You forget Martin, that despite those foibles, we are still very much alike.”

Martin Li, pulled his gaze from the mirror and splashed more cold water on his face.  When his gaze returned to the mirror his features were once again his own, but he knew Mister Negative was still there and always would be.