"U'rannu" Elf With No Tribe

Tandaeo sat at small table at the Drunken Giant in Tyr’s Elven market.  He saw his distorted reflection in his mug of broy, musing on the image of the obsidian Duneracer clan pendant that hung around his neck.  It was a jagged disk with a cross at its center representing a crossroads.  He was the last of his clan.  Some 10 years earlier he had been the only creature to survive an encounter with the Dragon of Tyr.  After finding his clan dead he had run for three days back to Tyr to inform his tribe’s elders of what had occurred.  The tribe welcomed the young elf and celebrated his survival and praised his cunning and endurance even while mourning the loss of Clan Duneracer, but Tandaeo did not feel cunning.  He had not even reached his name day and now his clan was gone.  Every other clan in the Clearwater tribe had welcomed the young elf, but Tandaeo declined.  Jentil Steeljaw, Chieftess of the Clearwater tribe, reluctantly accepted Tandaeo’s decision and allowed him to leave the tribe in good standing, a friend if no longer a member.  Tandaeo was so absorbed in his musings that he didn’t even notice as a tall Dawnchaser elf approached his table with hatred in his eyes.


Kuraamo Dawnchaser spotted the lone Clearwater elf and noticed the Duneracer pendant around his neck.  He had heard the stories long ago about a young elf who had survived an attack by the Dragon, but always believed it to be just another Clearwater lie promoting the haughty tribe’s self-proclaimed superiority.  He always assumed the Duneracers died out in the wastes by the claws of Thri-kreen, or being too dimwitted to find water.  No matter, this Clearwater elf would tell him where to find his hated enemy, Haaku Sandrunner, or he would slake his vengeance on him until it could be satisfied properly.  Kuraamo dropped his hands to hilts of his bone longswords and stalked closer to his target.