Setting the Stage

Earth 414 is a parallel reality to our own where Milwaukee is a large metroplex that extends from its actual geographical location and includes what would, in our reality, be Racine and Kenosha. The population of this Milwaukee metroplex is about 1.5 million souls. What most do not know is that the crime that plagues the city is controlled by two factions: The Blackcloud crime family run by Joseph Blackcloud whose public persona is that of a wealthy hotel and casino magnate. The other is a Russian crime organization controlled by a mysterious figure called “the Oligarch.” The two factions constantly struggle for control of the city’s criminal markets and often employ super-powered henchmen. The only hero to protect the streets of Milwaukee against these threats is Manitou, secretly the daughter of Joseph Blackcloud.

Steeped in even more mystery is the Vril Society, a Nazi secret society that has taken up the worship of Cthulu the ancient alien god that slumbers deep under Lake Michigan. This secret organization is made up of nascent Deep Ones (hybrid humans) who hope to awaken Cthulu and create a new Reich with Cthulu as it’s “Divine Fuhrer.”