Dark Traditions & Family Ties

Donaghast looked down, considering the raven tattoo on the back of his hand that marked him as a member of the Szorinazi clan, a name he made no claim to nor had he ever used.  It was tradition for Lovari clans to mark their members in such a way at birth.  The tattoos held minor magics that kept the tattoos intact and recognizable as the Lovari aged.  However, he realized he could no more escape his Lovari heritage than he could erase the tattoo that adorned his skin.  During the battle with the goblins and their bugbear leader Donaghast had tapped into a power he didn’t know he possessed.  The Lovari are known to be rich in the ways of magic, some call it sorcery, some call it witchcraft, the Lovari simply called it “the gift.” 

Donaghast looked over at the young goblin, Mukli, that slept near the campfire who had taken a shine to him and recalled when he had incapacitated her momentarily with fits of laughter with a few arcane words that seemed to flow naturally from his lips, though never learned.  He was also able to inspire both himself and his companions to greater feats, again through some unseen influence, though he somehow knew that he was the source.  He continued to consider the young goblin and couldn’t help but wonder if it was his Lovari “influence” that had coerced the goblin’s fealty.  He bowed his head and asked St Cambrace to guide him through these troubling thoughts as he knew it was Lovari witchcraft that had condemned his mother to the fires lit by the zealots of the Undying Flame.




Somewhere far away the desiccated and flame scarred creature that was once human gazed upon the image of the young Lovari Paladin and laughed, a sound as dry as ash and bone before using her burnt hand that still bore a familiar raven tattoo, to dismiss the image in her scrying bowl.