PART 1- The Starlight Festival

It is the time of the great Starlight Festival in the city of Nibenay, and the party feels that the templars will be occupied with policing the city during the wild revelry, and will not have the resources for the time being to track them down for their recent killing of several templar-wives. They decide then to enjoy the festival, sell their hard won loot, and then leave the city behind for a good long time.

Kuraamo asks his Sky Singer tribemates where they can sell their metal and magical haul. They are directed to meet with a local Nibenese merchant named Johrd if they wish to sell these exotic items.

They meet with Johrd at his walled villa in the merchants' quarter. They find Johrd sitting by himself at a plain stone desk in an otherwise empty audience hall. He explains that he keeps his gold and gems in the magically locked and secured desk, and then offers them a decent price for their goods.

1. johrd

As they conclude their deal and share a few shots of faro whiskey, a squad of Nibenese enforcers led by a high ranking Templar-wife named Leaza force their way into the compund demanding to see Johrd. Leaza orders them all arrested, claiming Johrd is a member of the Veiled Alliance, and the party are clearly his co-conspirators. A fight quickly breaks out. Johrd disappears during the fight through a hidden passage and his stone desk sinks slowly into the floor.

2. leaza

As the fight continues, a deafening blast of thunder erupts throughout the city, and moments later the whole building begins to violently shake from a massive earthquake. Everyone flees as the structure begins to collapse. Several templars and their half-giant guards are crushed in the process.

As everyone escapes to the open outer courtyard, acidic rain begins to fall in sheets, further driving the survivors to find shelter wherever they can.

4. acid rain

Leaza and her guards are on one side of the courtyard near the stables, the party on the other side near the servant quarters. The templars and guards flee through the stables to the outside while the party waits for the acid rain to stop. Johrd suddenly reappears when the rain has abated and leads them up a stairway to the top of his walls. He questions a dying guard what happened. He explains that out of nowhere a great bolt of lightning leapt from the ziggurat of the Naggaramakan out toward the Plain of Burning Water. Shortly thereafter, the great cloud formed over the ziggurat, and the calamaties begin.

3. attack on the zwuun

Johrd realizes the sorceror-king has launched an all-out attack on the Zwuun, trying to destroy it once and for all. He explains the attack must have failed, as the Zwuun now seeks its revenge on the entire city.

They look out over the city to further assess the situation.

A great, swirling cloud of darkness has formed over the Naggaramakan, and lightning bolts lash at the structure. Acidic rains continue to fall sporadically about the city, and the shrieks of the wounded and the dying can be heard everywhere.

As they watch, the muddy streets begin to churn as the long buried dead templar-wives begin to waken and ascend through the earth from the endless catacombs beneath the city. Hordes of the creatures begin to shamble thoughout the streets, cutting off any hope of escape from the city. Nibenay has become a veritiable death trap.

5. the dead arise

In horror, Johrd recites a prophecy for them he once learned from the Zwuun:

When the brides of death
become the marauders of Nibenay,
When the dead must die
and the unsleeping must wake,
Then the dragon shall be born anew.

As the undead begin to converge into a hoard, Johrd tells the party he must convene with the other members of the Alliance. He tells them to meet him before the gates of the Naggaramakan as soon as they can.

There is no choice now but to enter the dread Citadel of Shadows and see what fate has befallen mighty king of Nibenay.


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