Envolve pulled the plug, right on schedule. I've looked at a few replacements, and we're going with ChatCat for now.

They're a brand new outfit, with lots of rough edges. For example, I can't test on staging, because their system can't handle hostnames properly. So I'm going to deploy this thing to production, and we'll see what happens.

Smoke em if ya got em, here we go....


created at: 10/01/2014


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  • 23 Oct 01:15

    I'm still getting loading issues into gaming tables when pics are put up and right now I can't see to bypass the errors to get into the room. Any suggestions? Got a game Fri. night.

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  • 02 Oct 16:59

    @Derek, great tip. Looks like a built-in for ning-hosted communities. I'm thinking about how to best tackle our maintenance stuffs, and migrating there might be an option.

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  • 02 Oct 16:36

    Not sure what company/program it is, but on http://rhettandlinkommunity.com/ they use a chat program that feels a lot more like Envolve, and seem to, at least from a use point of view, to have similar functions to the old chat.

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  • 01 Oct 16:14

    Single sign-on is the feature that addresses this, and they rolled it out today. I'll be playing with it tonight. Stay tuned!


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  • 01 Oct 15:25

    Seems to be functional, at least.

    Apparently separate login also means separate registration, which is not awesome, but we can log in anonymously and choose our own pseudonyms, at least.

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