So long, and thanks for all the fish!

Hello all,

It's that time. Infrno is about to ride off into the sunset. June 30th is The End.


I'd like to thank Matthew Grau, my partner in this endeavor. This whole thing was his idea, and it was ton of fun to chase this dream.

I'd also like to thank our fearless mods! Michael Garcia, June Garcia, Donnie Clark, Melissa Volkmann, Mike Zomer, Sam Reader, Raye, Tolly Gipson, and Twilight Dream. The Infrno community was defined by your energy, and I miss you all.





6,487 commits.

57,102 lines of code.

304 Gb of images.

163,782 hours of gameplay.

The 1000 hour club:

Top users by hours played
Hours     Player
5656.77 Donny Thomas
5619.08 Mike Shrout
3416.50 Raith  
2790.46 Anthony Brozik
2744.41 Tolly Gipson
2635.88 Moridae
2357.24 Ethanidas 
2076.75 Bryan Hitchcock
2061.73 Michael Garcia
1725.39 Dani L.
1696.10 Erin Miller
1657.44 Jordan D
1471.34 Rhys 
1453.84 Sandra Gibson
1406.44 Dustin Saldivar
1390.21 Mike Athey
1209.18 Twilight Dream
1153.46 Sam Reader
1095.89 Pie Prophet
1069.71 Brian Majors
1033.37 Sarah Kaplan
1015.70 Titus Brewste

Top games by hours played
Hours     Game
5755.27 The Game of Tomes
4236.73 The Pathfinder Chronicle
2627.54 Jovian Chronicles 22XX
2569.29 Kakita Kao
2135.84 Scales of War
2089.15 Adventure World
1900.71 Hartman's Garage
1789.59 A Shadow Falls
1713.31 Kakita Kao's L5R game
1674.16 Macross
1658.23 The Forgotten Valley of Falling Blossoms
1443.67 Sample Game
1319.74 Savage World of Solomon Kane
1310.13 Cold War
1262.82 The Serpent's Skull
1155.03 Champions Forever!
1087.01 Perrenland Valor Trials
1073.98 The Alterna-Game
1039.21 D20 Ghost in the Shell
1032.54 Proteus Guild SR game
814.00  Chewdonia
773.42  Deadlands: Reloaded
772.69  D'autry Dynasty
772.31  Jack's D
771.50  Dungeons and Dragons: Tales of the Ancients
730.65  Macrss
725.22  Hasten on, and Gyre still.
703.58  Mass Effect
681.87  Unknown Gifts: Werewolf the Forsaken
675.07  Dusty Memories
673.55  The Paladin Chronicles
663.77  Final Showdown
662.19  Unrepentant_Voyage
653.11  Birthplace of Freedom (A Pathfinder Sandbox Campaign)
637.18  Skull 
635.48  Swashbuckling Adventures- Entangled Strands
633.34  Alhara
623.71  New X-Men: Academy X
623.57  13th Age: The Laughing Prisoner
618.96  dreadnaught
618.03  Urban Shadows
617.54  Artful Clash of Thunderous Waves
595.61  Avalon
593.40  Ascended Dark Heresy
582.42  The Angels of Salvation
574.30  Pathfinder Conversion of Faerun
552.40  Mike Shrout's Rifts game
543.28  Demon Hunters Story