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InfrnoCon 1 InfrnoCon 2 Bug Hunter Gen Con 2011 NeonCon 2011 Code Monkey You Are Excited, And It's Ok! *Fist Bump* I Play Guys When I Damn Well Want To!

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InfrnoCon 1

21 winners

Unlocked by attending InfrnoCon 1, either as a player or GM.

InfrnoCon 2

28 winners

Unlocked by attending InfrnoCon 2, either as a player or GM.

Bug Hunter

185 winners

This goes out to all the playas who have helped Infrno out by reporting bugs. We do a lot of testing, but if one thing is certain, bugs are out there. Big, ugly ones, with bad manners and worse hygiene. If you find one, report it. We might know about it, but you'd be surprised how often we don't. Screenshots, browser and OS details, flash player debug messages, we want it all.

Gen Con 2011

185 winners

Unlocked by visiting the Infrno booth at Gen Con 2011.

NeonCon 2011

20 winners

Unlocked by visiting the Infrno booth at NeonCon.

Code Monkey

1 winner

The Code Monkey achievement is awarded to the poo-flinginest, die-rollinest, code-slinginest monkey on the net. Great thanks goes out to Mike Muldoon for the long hours, hard work, dedication, and entheusiasm he has put into bringing Infrno.net to all of us.

You Are Excited, And It's Ok!

34 winners

Well, who in their right minds would not be excited. You've just found an oasis in the barren wasteland that is our modern pop culture. You have stumbled upon Infrno.net. You have seen all of the amazing games being ran here. You have been in the chat room, and talked to other gamers who like the things you do. You've met cool players and cool Game Masters. You have found a home. WE"RE EXCITED, AND IT"S OK!  

*Fist Bump*

35 winners

Thanks for being my friend on Infrno!   *Fist Bump*
This one goes out to anyone who's played in a game where Sam Reader actually played a male character.   “A man does what he can; a woman does what a man cannot.”  -Isabel Allende, Inés of My Soul